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Al Reef stands as a vibrant and integral community within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With its prime location, diverse amenities, and distinctive features, Al Reef has become a focal point, playing a crucial role in the broader landscape of Abu Dhabi. This article will delve into the various aspects that make Al Reef a noteworthy destination, exploring its significance within the local context and its impact on the overall tapestry of the UAE.

History of Al Reef

The foundation of Al Reef traces back to the development of two distinct sub-communities – Al Reef Villas and Al Reef Downtown. The completion and delivery of Al Reef Villas occurred in 2012, marking the initial phase of this visionary project. Simultaneously, the Al Reef Downtown project, spearheaded by the Manazel Real Estate Company, saw significant progress, with 90 percent completion in 2012 and full delivery achieved in 2013. These milestones marked the establishment of a dynamic and well-located residential hub.

Throughout its history, Al Reef has been shaped by pivotal events, from the conceptualization of the Al Reef Villas to the diligent efforts invested in the completion of Al Reef Downtown. These events not only underscore the dedication of those involved but also contribute to the area's narrative, reflecting its growth and development.

Al Reef's evolution has been remarkable, transforming from ambitious plans into thriving communities. The completion of the Al Reef Villas in 2012 and the subsequent delivery of Al Reef Downtown in 2013 demonstrate the commitment to creating a vibrant center for housing. The evolution of Al Reef mirrors the visionary efforts invested in its development, resulting in a modern and sought-after locale within Abu Dhabi.

Geography and Architecture

Located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, Al Reef spans about one million square meters and is strategically positioned 10 minutes north of Abu Dhabi Airport. Connected by key roads like E11 and E12, Al Reef is renowned for its modern architectural designs, making it a sought-after destination for buying and renting apartments and villas in the UAE capital. This well-planned area is distinguished by its meticulous physical layout, designed to offer residents a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural surroundings. The architectural elements within Al Reef are characterized by modern designs, showcasing a mix of contemporary styles that contribute to the area's visual appeal.

Near Al Reef Tower, residents benefit from close proximity to Al Raha Beach, Khalifa City, and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its strategic location, just 35 minutes from Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and an hour from Dubai city, caters to those who frequently commute between the two cities.

Key Attractions

  1. Al Reef Villas and Downtown. Explore the residential charm of Al Reef with its modern villas and downtown area, showcasing a mix of contemporary designs.

  2. Swimming Pools and Outdoor Spaces. Enjoy the recreational amenities offered within the community, including swimming pools and well-designed outdoor spaces for relaxation.

  3. Proximity to Yas Island. Take advantage of the close proximity to Yas Island, offering entertainment venues, theme parks, and the vibrant Yas Mall for a diverse shopping and leisure experience.

Here are some notable attractions in other areas nearby

  1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Experience the thrill of Ferrari World, located nearby, offering an array of exciting rides and attractions for automotive enthusiasts and families alike.

  2. Al Ghazal Golf Club. Tee off at the Al Ghazal Golf Club, just 17 minutes away, providing a picturesque setting for golf enthusiasts.

  3. Elias Island. Explore Elias Island, situated 15 minutes away, offering a scenic retreat with potential leisure activities.

  4. Al Raha Beach. Enjoy the sun and sea at Al Raha Beach, a 15-minute drive from Al Reef, providing a relaxing coastal escape.

Some common tips for visiting include

  • Best Time to Visit. The best time to explore Al Reef and its nearby attractions is during the cooler months, typically from October to April, when the weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities.

  • Ticket Information. For attractions like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, check online for ticket prices and any special promotions, and consider purchasing tickets in advance to save time.

Culture and Lifestyle

Al Reef reflects a vibrant tapestry of local culture and traditions, seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life. Residents experience a lifestyle that harmoniously blends modernity with cultural richness. The diverse community celebrates various cultural events and fosters an atmosphere that embraces unity and diversity.

The community in Al Reef often engages in local customs and practices that highlight the essence of Emirati culture. Traditional celebrations, communal gatherings, and the observance of religious events contribute to a shared sense of identity. Additionally, residents may partake in cultural activities that promote a deeper understanding of the local heritage, fostering a strong connection to the UAE's rich traditions.

Culinary Scene

Al Reef boasts a diverse culinary scene, offering a fusion of local and international flavors. Emirati cuisine, rich in spices and aromatic herbs, takes center stage, featuring popular dishes such as shawarma, kebabs, and traditional Arabic sweets. The community also embraces global culinary influences, catering to varied tastes and preferences.

Here are some notable restaurants, cafes, and food markets:

  • Il Forno presents an authentic Italian dining experience, showcasing a range of delectable pizzas, pastas, and artisanal dishes.

  • Taste of Lahore. This restaurant brings the vibrant flavors of Pakistani cuisine to Al Reef, offering a diverse menu of traditional dishes that appeal to lovers of rich, aromatic spices.

  • Big Bite Cafeteria. Catering to diverse palates, Big Bite Cafeteria provides a casual setting to enjoy an array of quick bites, snacks, and refreshments, making it a popular spot for residents on the go.

  • Nascondino Restaurant. Known for its charming ambiance and a menu that combines international and local flavors, Nascondino Restaurant provides a delightful dining experience with a variety of culinary delights.

Shopping Experience

  • Al Raha Mall (15 minutes away). A prominent shopping destination, Al Raha Mall provides a mix of international and local brands, along with diverse dining options for a comprehensive shopping and leisure experience.

  • West Yas Plaza (12 minutes away). Offering a range of retail outlets and services, West Yas Plaza caters to the community's needs, providing convenient shopping within a short distance.

  • Yas Mall (12 minutes away). As a major retail hub, Yas Mall boasts a plethora of shops, entertainment venues, and dining establishments, creating a dynamic shopping environment for residents.

  • Al Muneera Beach Plaza (11 minutes away). Positioned as a beachfront shopping destination, Al Muneera Beach Plaza combines retail therapy with scenic views, offering residents a relaxed shopping experience.

The malls near Al Reef are designed with a user-friendly layout, making navigation a breeze. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the mall's directory to optimize your shopping journey. Although haggling is not typically practiced in contemporary malls, it's advisable to be on the lookout for promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs that can add value to your overall shopping experience.

Accommodation Options

  • Apartments. Depending on preferences and budget, individuals can find studio apartments with average yearly rents at AED 38k. 1-bedroom apartments range from AED 50k to AED 65k annually, while 2-bedroom apartments vary between AED 57k and AED 90k. Those seeking larger units can explore 3-bedroom apartments starting at AED 78k per year.

  • Villas. The villa options in Al Reef include 2 to 5-bedroom units. For those on a budget, 2-bedroom villas rental prices start from AED 70k per annum. 3-bedroom villas are available at AED 130k yearly, and 4-bedroom villas range between AED 122k and AED 140k annually. The highest annual rent for a 5-bedroom villa is AED 160k.


  1. Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel. Located in close proximity to Al Reef, Premier Inn offers a convenient stay for travelers. The hotel features modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and easy access to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

  2. The WB Abu Dhabi, Curio Collection by Hilton. This Hilton property, The WB Abu Dhabi, is a part of the Curio Collection. It provides a unique and luxurious experience, blending contemporary design with exceptional hospitality. Guests can enjoy upscale accommodations and various amenities.

  3. W Abu Dhabi. W Abu Dhabi, known for its chic and modern design, offers a stylish and vibrant atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it provides guests with a luxurious experience, including trendy accommodations, dining options, and entertainment.

  4. Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island. The Radisson Blu Hotel on Yas Island combines comfort with a prime location. Guests can enjoy proximity to attractions like Yas Marina Circuit and Ferrari World. The hotel boasts contemporary rooms, dining options, and recreational facilities.

Getting Around

Al Reef offers various options for getting around, primarily relying on private transportation due to the suburban nature of the community. While public transportation options may be limited within Al Reef itself, residents often utilize personal vehicles, taxis, and rideshare services for daily commuting. The well-connected road network, including major routes like E11 and E12, ensures easy accessibility to and from the community.

Here are some useful tips for navigating the area:

  1. Personal Vehicles. Given the suburban setting, having a personal car can enhance convenience for residents. Easy access to major roads facilitates smooth commuting within Al Reef and to nearby areas.

  2. Taxis and Rideshare Services. Taxis and rideshare services are readily available, offering convenient transportation options for those who prefer not to drive. It's advisable to use established ride-hailing apps for a reliable and efficient service.

  3. Road Networks. Familiarize yourself with the local road networks, including key routes like E11 Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road and E12 Sheikh Khalifa Highway, to navigate the area efficiently.

  4. Community Facilities. Explore community facilities and services, such as playgrounds and nurseries, within easy reach to meet daily needs without extensive travel.

  5. Security Considerations. Prioritize safety and adhere to traffic regulations, as security is essential for residents and road users in the community.

Special Events

While Al Reef may not host a plethora of local events, residents have easy access to the vibrant events scene in Abu Dhabi. The capital city regularly organizes a variety of events, festivals, and celebrations that cater to diverse interests. From cultural festivals and art exhibitions to sports events and international performances, there's always something happening in the nearby city.

Abu Dhabi's events calendar is dynamic throughout the year. Some key recurring events include:

  • Abu Dhabi Festival (March). A celebration of arts and culture featuring international and local performances.

  • Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (November). A thrilling Formula 1 race is held at Yas Marina Circuit.

  • Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (April). An event for book enthusiasts, showcasing a wide array of literary works.

Practical Information

  • Currency. The official currency in Al Reef and the broader United Arab Emirates is the UAE Dirham (AED).

  • Language. Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken, making communication convenient for residents and visitors.

  • Time Zone. Al Reef operates on Gulf Standard Time (GST), which is UTC+4.

Safety Considerations and Emergency Contact Information

  • Safety Measures. Al Reef is generally considered a safe community. However, residents are advised to follow standard safety precautions, such as locking doors and being cautious with personal belongings.

  • Emergency Contact Numbers:

    • Police: 999

    • Ambulance: 998

    • Fire Department: 997

  • Medical Facilities. The Ibn Sina Medical Centre is a prominent healthcare facility in Abu Dhabi, offering a range of medical services.

  • Transportation. Private transportation, including taxis and rideshare services, is commonly used for commuting within and around Al Reef. Abu Dhabi International Airport is the nearest major airport, providing air travel access.


Al Reef stands as a distinctive community offering a blend of tranquility and modern living. With its diverse housing options, ample outdoor spaces, and proximity to essential amenities, it caters to a range of lifestyles. The Mediterranean and Arabian architectural influences, coupled with the community's family-friendly atmosphere, contribute to its unique charm.

For those considering a move or exploring new residential landscapes, Al Reef provides a compelling opportunity. The neighborhood's advantages, like the convenience of nearby schools, create a setting worth experiencing firsthand. Embarking on a visit to Al Reef allows individuals to immerse themselves in the community living, discover its diverse offerings, and form their own perspectives on the distinctive appeal of this Abu Dhabi locale.


  • 1.

    What types of properties are available in Al Reef?

    Al Reef offers a variety of properties, including apartments and villas. Apartments come in different sizes, while villas range from 2 to 5 bedrooms, catering to various accommodation needs.

  • 2.

    Is Al Reef suitable for families with children?

    Al Reef is known for its family-friendly environment. With parks, playgrounds, and nearby schools, like Maple Bear Nursery, it provides a conducive setting for families with children.

  • 3.

    Are there outdoor spaces and recreational facilities in Al Reef?

    Al Reef emphasizes outdoor living, featuring parks, green spaces, and community facilities. Residents can enjoy a range of recreational activities within the neighborhood.

  • 4.

    Is there easy access to commercial and retail areas in Al Reef?

    Al Reef provides convenient access to commercial and retail spaces. Residents can find essential services, supermarkets, and other amenities within the community or nearby areas.

  • 5.

    How to get to Al Reef from Abu Dhabi Airport?

    To get to Al Reef from Abu Dhabi Airport, take the E20 road southeast, then merge onto the E11 road. Follow the signs to Al Reef. Taxis or rideshare services from the airport are also convenient options.

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