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Dictricts Al Samha Area Guide 2024
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Al Samha, situated on the outskirts of the highly developed coastal city of Abu Dhabi, emerges as a distinctive community in its developmental phase. Amidst the array of residential properties in Abu Dhabi, Al Samha stands as a remote yet promising enclave. Despite its current lack of widespread recognition, the town holds significant potential, contributing to the diverse landscape of opportunities in tourism and investment within Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE.

History of Al Samha

Al Samha, tracing its roots to its early history and founding, represents a unique chapter in the developmental narrative of Abu Dhabi. The community's inception marked a strategic vision for growth and expansion, with ambitious plans for evolution over time. Although currently still under development, Al Samha's historical trajectory is intertwined with significant events, shaping its identity as a promising project within the broader context of Abu Dhabi. As we delve into the past and present, it is evident that Al Samha is on a trajectory toward completion, with expectations set for the project's fulfillment by Q2 2027.

Geography and Architecture

Al Samha Abu Dhabi, strategically positioned between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, boasts a dynamic physical layout with a mix of residential services and serene surroundings. The location is a key highlight, providing convenient access to the growing investment zones of KIZAD and Khalifa Port. Notably, the eastern extension, Al Reef 2, adds a substantial housing complex to the neighborhood, catering to diverse residential needs. The inclusion of labor accommodations aligns with the proximity to industrial areas, ensuring a comprehensive living environment.

Distinctive architectural elements characterize Al Samha, where several projects within the community, including Al Reef 2, contribute to the overall aesthetic. The presence of petrol stations and car wash facilities underscores the community's commitment to meeting the practical needs of its residents. As Al Samha continues to evolve, its geographical and architectural features position it as an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected, multifaceted living experience.

Key Attractions

  1. Mawasem Park. A budding attraction in the heart of Al Samha, Mawasem Park - Green House promises a serene escape with its evolving green spaces.

  2. Abu Dhabi Kite Beach. Despite being in the developmental phase, Al Samha is strategically located just a 21-minute drive away from the renowned Abu Dhabi Kite Beach, offering a potential leisure spot for residents.

  3. Al Raha Mall. For shopping enthusiasts, Al Raha Mall beckons, located within a convenient half-hour drive from Al Samha. This mall provides an emerging retail experience for residents.

  4. Emirates Park Zoo, situated approximately 7 miles southwest of the community, stands as a notable attraction. It has already become a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a complete and enriching experience.

Given the ongoing development, visitors are advised to check the current status of popular attractions before planning a visit. The best time to explore would be during the temperate months, and it's recommended to stay updated on ticket information as new attractions emerge in this evolving landscape.

Culture and Lifestyle

Al Samha, despite being in its developmental phase, is influenced by the rich cultural tapestry of the UAE. Residents can experience a harmonious coexistence of traditional values and contemporary living. The community serves as a canvas where the past meets the present, creating a distinctive cultural atmosphere.

The lifestyle in Al Samha is characterized by its tranquil environment and strategic location. Residents enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, surrounded by emerging residential properties and recreational spaces. The community's position between Abu Dhabi and Dubai positions it as an ideal choice for individuals seeking a balance between work and leisure.

While Al Samha is still under construction, residents can anticipate the incorporation of local customs and practices as the community evolves. The neighborhood's strategic location fosters a lifestyle that is both connected and serene, catering to the preferences of a diverse resident population. As Al Samha continues to develop, its cultural landscape is expected to further enrich the overall lifestyle experience for its residents.

Culinary Scene

Al Samha offers a diverse culinary scene influenced by the rich flavors of the UAE. While still developing, the local cuisine reflects a fusion of traditional Emirati dishes and international flavors. Residents and visitors can expect a palate that caters to a variety of tastes, blending the best of regional and global culinary traditions.

  1. Royal Al Samha Restaurant. A prominent player in the emerging culinary landscape of Al Samha, Royal Al Samha Restaurant is poised to become a go-to destination for those seeking authentic local flavors.

  2. Otantik Express Cafe & Restaurant. Adding to the dining options, Otantik Express Cafe & Restaurant contributes to the evolving food scene in Al Samha. With its blend of ambiance and cuisine, it stands as a noteworthy establishment.

  3. Marhabani Mandi and Grill. Celebrating the essence of Emirati culinary heritage, Marhabani Mandi and Grill promises a delightful experience, offering traditional dishes in a welcoming setting.

  4. Texas Chicken. For those craving international flavors, Texas Chicken brings a taste of the global culinary scene to Al Samha. As part of the diverse options available, it caters to a broad spectrum of preferences.

Shopping Experience

While Al Samha may be a quieter neighborhood, the shopping experience is far from limited. The absence of large shopping malls is compensated by the proximity of notable establishments. Al Muneera Beach Plaza and Al Raha Mall, both within half an hour's reach, serve as vibrant hubs offering diverse retail options to residents.

  1. Al Muneera Beach Plaza. A key shopping destination in a relatively close proximity to Al Samha, Al Muneera Beach Plaza provides residents with a variety of retail outlets, enhancing the local shopping experience.

  2. Al Raha Mall. Another prominent shopping destination within a convenient half-hour distance, Al Raha Mall contributes to the retail vibrancy near Al Samha, catering to a range of shopping preferences.

  3. Yas Mall. Just 22 minutes away, Yas Mall stands as a noteworthy addition to the shopping landscape. With its diverse range of stores, it adds a touch of variety to the shopping experience for residents.

While the local markets may not follow the traditional souk structure, residents can still embrace the art of haggling and navigating retail spaces effectively. Bargaining may not be as prevalent in malls, but it's worth exploring discounts or promotions. Navigating these retail spaces becomes a pleasant experience, with a variety of options available for all shopping needs.

Accommodation Options

  • Villas. The villas in Al Samha consist of 2 and 3-bedroom units, providing diverse housing options. For those with a budget in mind, the rental trend for 2-bed villas ranges from AED 65k to AED 76k per annum, offering affordable housing choices. Fully-furnished 3-bedroom villas cater to those seeking more space, with rents ranging from AED 65k to AED 130k yearly. Al Samha stands out as a sought-after area for renting 3-bedroom villas in Abu Dhabi, with relatively cheaper prices compared to neighboring areas.

  • Apartments. While the majority of accommodations are villas, there are also a few 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Al Samha. These ready-to-move-in units feature a maid's room and en-suite bathrooms, providing an alternative housing option.


While Al Samha itself doesn't boast hotels, residents and visitors have access to nearby accommodation options that provide diverse and luxurious stays. Here are some of the nearest hotels:

  1. Emirates Park Resort. Located in close proximity to Al Samha, Emirates Park Resort offers a tranquil retreat with its unique blend of hospitality and leisure facilities.

  2. The WB Abu Dhabi, Curio Collection by Hilton. For those seeking a sophisticated stay, The WB Abu Dhabi, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, stands as a nearby choice known for its upscale amenities and distinctive character.

  3. DoubleTree by Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island Residences. Situated within reach, DoubleTree by Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island Residences provides a comfortable and convenient stay, especially for those looking for extended accommodations.

  4. W Abu Dhabi. Offering a touch of luxury, W Abu Dhabi is another nearby option, promising a blend of style, comfort, and contemporary elegance.

Getting Around

  • Local Public Transportation. As a developing neighborhood, Al Samha provides residents with essential local public transportation options. While the community may not have an extensive public transport network, the prime location between Abu Dhabi and Dubai facilitates access to broader transportation services.

  • Accessibility. Residents can easily navigate Al Samha by private vehicles, taxis, or rideshare services. The neighborhood's strategic position ensures that major roadways connect it to neighboring areas, providing convenient access to key destinations.

Here are some common tips for navigating the area

  1. Private Vehicles. Given the accessibility of roadways, having a private vehicle can be a convenient and efficient way to navigate Al Samha and its surroundings.

  2. Taxis and Rideshare services offer flexible transportation options for residents who prefer not to drive. They provide convenient door-to-door service within and beyond Al Samha.

  3. Explore by Foot or Bike. With ongoing development, exploring Al Samha by foot or bike can be a pleasant way to discover local amenities and enjoy the community's evolving landscape.

Special Events

  • Al Samha Traditional Festival. Organized by the Emirates Heritage Club in Abu Dhabi, this grand family friendly event attracts expatriates, government officials, and royal family members. Known for its cultural richness, the festival is a magnet for social networking enthusiasts, garnering regional and international TV coverage. Visitors from around the globe converge to participate in the festivities and witness special performances, making it a significant cultural experience.

  • Formula 1 Races in Abu Dhabi are a global magnet for racing enthusiasts. Taking place in Yas Island, periodic races bring the city to life as motorsport fans from around the world gather to witness the thrilling spectacle. The event contributes to Abu Dhabi's international allure, offering an adrenaline-filled experience that goes beyond the racing track.

  • Abu Dhabi Festival is a cultural highlight, showcasing the city's commitment to the arts and entertainment. With an annual occurrence, this event provides a platform for diverse cultural expressions, from music to visual arts. Attendees experience a fusion of local and international talent, making it a significant and enriching cultural experience in Abu Dhabi.

Practical Information

  1. Currency. In Al Samha, the local currency is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED).

  2. Language. English is widely spoken, making communication accessible for residents and visitors. However, learning a few basic Arabic phrases can enhance the cultural experience and interactions.

  3. Local Services. Al Samha offers access to essential services like supermarkets, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, and restaurants, ensuring residents have convenient access to daily necessities.

  4. Transportation. While public transportation may be limited within the neighborhood, private vehicles, taxis, and rideshare services provide efficient means of getting around. Major roadways connect Al Samha to neighboring areas.

Safety Considerations and Emergency Contacts

  1. Emergency Services. In case of emergencies, dial 999 for immediate assistance from police, fire, or medical services.

  2. Healthcare. Al Samha provides access to healthcare facilities like Al Samha Healthcare Center, and nearby hospitals like Al Rahba Hospital located in Al Shahama Rahba City cater to medical needs.

  3. Local Authorities. Stay informed about local regulations and adhere to community guidelines. Contact local authorities or the Abu Dhabi Police for assistance if needed.


Al Samha presents itself as one of the evolving Abu Dhabi projects with a mix of residential, educational, and recreational elements, and outdoor activities. The presence of essential services, educational institutions, and proximity to key attractions enhances its appeal. As the neighborhood continues to develop, it holds promise for diverse lifestyles, making it an interesting prospect for residents and visitors alike.

Encouraging to explore Al Samha firsthand allows for a personal understanding of its unique blend of offerings. The community's strategic location, coupled with ongoing developments and destinations like Ali al Balooshi Mosque, makes it an intriguing destination for those seeking a balance between serenity and accessibility in the ever-growing landscape of Abu Dhabi.


  • 1.

    How to get from to Al Samha from Abu Dhabi International Airport?

    To reach Al Samha from Abu Dhabi International Airport, you can take a taxi or use rideshare services available at the airport. The most direct route is usually via major roadways such as Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street. The journey typically takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. It's advisable to communicate the destination clearly to the driver, and the well-connected road network ensures a straightforward commute to Al Samha.

  • 2.

    How long does it take to get from Al Samha to Yas Island?

    The journey from Al Samha to Yas Island typically takes around 22 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. The route commonly involves using major roadways that efficiently connect these two locations, making for a relatively short and convenient commute.

  • 3.

    What educational institutions are available in Al Samha?

    Al Samha boasts educational facilities like Al Taweelah Primary School and Al Morjan Kindergarten, providing quality learning options for residents.

  • 4.

    Are there medical centers in Al Samha for families?

    Al Samha offers recreational centers such as Al Samha Healthcare Center, providing families with access to healthcare facilities.

  • 5.

    Is Al Samha centrally located in Abu Dhabi?

    No, however, Al Samha is strategically located, with easy access to major roadways between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, contributing to its accessibility.

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