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Headquartered in Dubai, ALTA Real Estate Development stands out as a privately owned global player in the real estate industry. Led by the visionary Abdulla Al Tayer, the company has carved a niche for itself with a focus on the acquisition and development of premier residential properties and commercial locations. ALTA is synonymous with innovation and excellence in real estate development, boasting a portfolio that includes the most notable residential addresses and coveted commercial spaces.

Abdulla Al Tayer's leadership has been instrumental in shaping ALTA's culture, emphasizing financial and execution discipline to ensure the success of their projects. With a commitment to efficient layouts and innovative urban design, ALTA sets itself apart in the competitive real estate market. The company's strategic approach involves identifying prime geographical areas with strong growth potential, reinforcing its position as a key player in the industry.


Alta Real Estate Developments LLC (ALTA) has swiftly risen to prominence as a privately-owned international real estate development company headquartered in Dubai. Established in 2020, ALTA's relatively short history is marked by its dynamic approach to real estate under the leadership of Abdullah Al Thayer.

The visionary Abdullah Al Thayer, who assumed the role of Managing Director at Distinguished Real Estate in 2013, brought his extensive real estate experience to the forefront when founding ALTA. This move reflected a strategic decision to establish a company that would not only be a player in the industry but a trendsetter in redefining the standards of global real estate development.

Since its inception, ALTA has positioned itself as a key player in the real estate market, leveraging Abdullah Al Thayer's leadership and the company's commitment to excellence. The journey of ALTA reflects a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and the pursuit of premier residential and commercial properties in both local and international markets.

Average Prices for Properties

  1. 3 BR Penthouse in Mr C. Residences. The 3 BR Penthouse in Mr C. Residences epitomizes luxury living with a price tag of AED 60 million. This exclusive residence is likely to feature expansive living spaces, top-tier amenities, and panoramic views of the surroundings. With meticulous attention to detail, sophisticated finishes, and high-end design, the penthouse offers a lifestyle that caters to the most discerning residents.

  2. 3 BR Apartment in Mr C. Residences. Priced at AED 35 million, the 3 BR Apartment in Mr C. Residences combines elegance and comfort. Residents can expect a spacious and well-designed living space with modern amenities. The apartment is likely to showcase the signature style of ALTA Real Estate Development, emphasizing efficient layouts, innovative urban design, and a blend of luxurious elements.

  3. 4 BR Apartment in Mr C. Residences. The 4 BR Apartment in Mr C. Residences, valued at AED 58 million, caters to those seeking a larger and more opulent living space. This residence is expected to feature premium finishes, state-of-the-art facilities, and a carefully crafted layout that maximizes both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  4. 4 BR Services Apartment in Mr C. Residences. Priced at AED 45 million, the 4 BR Services Apartment in Mr C. Residences is likely designed for those who appreciate the convenience of integrated services within their living space.

Key Projects

Mr. C Residences

Mr. C Residences Jumeirah stands as an ultra-exclusive residential project, a testament to the collaborative vision of Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, renowned for their hospitality legacy. Developed in collaboration with Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, this illustrious project is led by world-renowned architect Bernardo Fort Brescia of the Miami-based firm Arquitectonica and acclaimed interior designer Will Meyer of the New York City-based firm Meyer Davis.

This exceptional residence is not just a building; it's a masterpiece born from inspiration drawn from nature's most captivating elements. The concept of Mr. C Residences Jumeirah was crafted with precision, drawing influence from the curvaceous, natural forms found in desert dunes and the rhythmic patterns of ocean waves. This unique approach results in a harmonious blend of architecture that mirrors the organic beauty of its surroundings.

Aire Dubai

Aire Dubai is set to be a sleek and contemporary high-rise tower strategically positioned along the Sheikh Zayed Highway, marking its presence as the second tower on this iconic strip. This prime location ensures not only visibility but also places it at the heart of the city's vibrant landscape.

The tower is designed to be a modern marvel, offering residents and visitors 360-degree panoramic views of the city, including the iconic Burj Khalifa. The commitment to providing such expansive city views speaks to Aire Dubai's aspiration to offer a living experience that is not only luxurious but also seamlessly integrated with the urban panorama.

ALTA Mansion

ALTA Mansion is an epitome of luxury living, characterized by spacious interiors that seamlessly blend elegance with comfort. The design philosophy behind the mansion revolves around providing residents with an experience of efficient and luxurious living, coupled with the utmost convenience.

The interiors of ALTA Mansion are carefully crafted to create open living spaces that are both inviting and functional. Every detail is meticulously planned, and the furnishings are chosen with precision, incorporating superior home technology and high-quality equipment. The result is an environment that not only exudes sophistication but also caters to the practical needs and desires of modern living.


ALTA Real Estate Development has achieved significant recognition in the form of prestigious awards, most notably the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2022. In a highly competitive field, ALTA emerged triumphant, securing the coveted title of "Best Luxury Residential Development 2022" for its outstanding project, Mr. C Residences Jumeirah.

This accolade from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a testament to ALTA's commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of luxury real estate development. The Best Luxury Residential Development award specifically recognizes the exceptional qualities and standards upheld by Mr. C Residences Jumeirah, setting it apart as a distinguished and unparalleled residential project.


ALTA Real Estate Development stands as a beacon of excellence in the competitive landscape of global real estate. With a portfolio that includes the most notable residential addresses and commercial locations, ALTA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to exceptional design and innovation. The company's success is underlined by its strategic approach, marked by international partnerships and a highly specialized focus on prime geographical areas with strong growth potential. ALTA's projects, such as Mr. C Residences Jumeirah, reflect a harmonious blend of creativity balanced with execution discipline, capturing sophisticated finishes and incorporating the finest elements to deliver residences that transcend the ordinary.


  • 1.

    When was ALTA Real Estate Development founded?

    Since its establishment in 2020, ALTA has swiftly positioned itself as a key player in the global real estate market, showcasing a commitment to excellence and innovation in each of its projects. The company's relatively short but impactful history reflects its dedication to delivering premier residential and commercial developments.

  • 2.

    What are the key projects of ALTA Real Estate Development?

    ALTA Real Estate Development is renowned for its key projects, including Mr. C Residences Jumeirah, an ultra-exclusive residential development that garnered the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award in 2022 for Best Luxury Residential Development. Another notable project is ALTA Mansion, a luxurious residence surrounded by landscaped green gardens and offering unceasing spectacular views of the Jumeirah Bay Islands.

  • 3.

    Who is the founder of ALTA Real Estate Development?

    Abdulla Al Tayer, the visionary founder of ALTA Real Estate Development, established the company with a mission to redefine luxury in the global real estate market. Under his leadership, ALTA has become synonymous with innovation, excellence, and the development of premier residential and commercial properties.

  • 4.

    Where are ALTA Real Estate Development projects located?

    ALTA Real Estate Development strategically selects prime geographical areas with strong growth potential for its projects. The company has a notable presence in prestigious locations, including Dubai, where it has crafted iconic developments such as Mr. C Residences Jumeirah and ALTA Mansion.

  • 5.

    How does ALTA prioritize sustainability in its projects?

    ALTA Real Estate Development places a high emphasis on sustainability, integrating environmentally conscious practices into its projects. From efficient layouts to landscaping initiatives, the company strives to balance creativity with execution discipline, ensuring that each development not only meets luxury standards but also aligns with contemporary sustainability goals.

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