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Dictricts DAMAC Lagoons Area Guide 2023
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DAMAC Lagunes is one of the latest luxury projects in the real estate portfolio of DAMAC Properties. Damac Lagoons neighborhood is a family and resort area representing a symbiosis of eight Mediterranean cities. Damac Lagoons will have an area of approximately 4.20 square kilometers with 6,000 residential units.

The area's calling card will be the man-made, D-shaped Lazy River lagoon. According to the project, the lagoon's banks will be made of white sand, and there will also be caves with waterfalls and entertainment zones for families, a waterpark, and attractions.

The residences in DAMAC Lagoons are known for their elegance and luxury. With a fantastic waterfront community setting, the villas within DAMAC Lagoons are designed to resemble the most elegant villas in tropical island vibes like the French Riviera or Costa Brava. They feature private gardens and stunning views of azure blue lagoons.

Anticipated to be completed by the last quarter of 2024, DAMAC Lagoons is on its way to becoming a fully realized paradise for residents seeking a luxurious and harmonious lifestyle. With its meticulous design and incorporation of elements, the development provides an exceptional living experience that captures the essence of these remarkable destinations

The community also boasts various recreational facilities, including waterside cafes, swimming pools, and even a lazy river, providing an enchanting atmosphere for residents and their families.

DAMAC Lagoons offers a playing and learning hub for families with children, complete with a discovery maze and even a play hub. The development is designed with end users in mind, providing a safe and nurturing environment for residents of all ages.

The location of DAMAC Lagoons is noteworthy. It is opposite DAMAC Hills and offers easy access to major highways, including Hessa Street, Emirates Road, and more. This accessibility extends to other key areas of Dubai, making it a convenient choice for residents who value proximity to major roads and the city center.

History of DAMAC Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons project starts with the vision of DAMAC Properties, the renowned developer set its sights on creating a residential masterpiece that would blend luxury, comfort, and natural beauty. Damac Lagoons is a harmony of elegant villas and a tranquil living environment.

DAMAC Lagoons' initial planning stages focused on creating a living space to offer the ambiance of the most charming waterfront cities worldwide. Inspired by the likes of Venice, Santorini, and Costa Brava, the sub-districts within DAMAC Lagoons were conceived to reflect the unique allure of these renowned destinations.

DAMAC Lagoons has evolved from a visionary concept into a tangible reality. The development has seen the transformation of its landscape, with the meticulous construction of villas resembling the elegance of those found in the French Riviera and the romantic area of Costa Brava. Incorporating recreational facilities, such as swimming pools, lazy rivers, and waterside cafes, has added to the community's appeal, providing residents with various activities to enjoy.

The history of DAMAC Lagoons culminates in its expected completion by the last quarter of 2024. This marks the realization of DAMAC Properties' vision to create a breathtaking community that captures the essence of some of the world's most beautiful coastal cities.

Geography and Architecture in DAMAC Lagoons

Geography and Architecture

DAMAC Lagoons is a unique luxury development that is located near Al Qudra Road in the north and Emirates Road in the south, providing easy access to the main areas of the city. Nearby neighborhoods include Dubai Investment Park, Jumeirah Golf Estate Club, Dubai Sport City, Damac Hills and the Mudon area.

DAMAC Lagoons is an exquisite landscape, beautiful architecture, man-made lagoons and a unique place to live. Spread over an area of approximately 4 square kilometers, this project is carefully designed to capture the charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as provide connectivity to key areas via major roads.

The physical layout of DAMAC Lagoons comprises eight distinct sub-districts with unique designs, each based on charming Mediterranean cities: Venice, Costa Brava, Santorini, Nice, Malta, Andalusia, Morocco and Portofino. The development of these neighborhoods is taking place in stages, some clusters are ready and some are still under construction. Each cluster has its own specificity and is made in a unique style, and the development is carried out around artificial lagoons.

Within the Mediterranean-style clusters, architectural elements come to life, each reflecting the unique character of the respective city.

Key Attractions

Although DAMAC Lagoons is currently under construction and its attractions are being realized, the planned features promise an array of captivating experiences that mirror the essence of eight Mediterranean wonders. Here's a glimpse of what visitors can anticipate:

  1. Venice District. Drawing inspiration from the romantic city of Venice, this district offers a charming ambiance with waterside cafes where visitors can relax by the serene canals. Gondola rides will provide a unique and enchanting experience reminiscent of the famed canals of Venice.

  2. Morocco Cluster. Embracing tranquility, this cluster will be a haven for meditation enthusiasts. Parks designed for meditation and family cabanas will provide serene spaces for relaxation and bonding with loved ones.

  3. Portofino is envisioned as a versatile hub that caters to both play and work. The community is expected to offer a dynamic environment that promotes a balanced lifestyle, allowing residents to enjoy leisure activities and focus on productivity.

  4. Santorini and Costa Brava Clusters. These lively clusters are set to be a paradise for adrenaline junkies. With several activities planned, these communities aim to provide an exhilarating experience for those seeking adventure and excitement.

  5. Andalusia. Designed as a ladies' hub, Andalusia will feature amenities such as salons, spas, gyms, and meditation lounges. It will be a space where women can unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy holistic wellness activities.

  6. Malta and Nice Clusters. These clusters are dedicated to children and youngsters. Focusing on nurturing growth and development, they will offer a vibrant and engaging environment for young residents to thrive.

Attractions in Nearby Areas. Apart from the planned attractions within DAMAC Lagoons, there are also exciting offerings in the nearby areas that visitors can explore:

  • Trump International Golf Club. Golf enthusiasts can indulge in a luxurious experience at the Trump International Golf Club, which boasts an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Gil Hanse. The scenic views and world-class facilities make it a perfect destination for golf aficionados.

  • Jumeirah Golf Estates Golf & Country Club. This premier golf and country club offers two internationally acclaimed championship golf courses, Fire and Earth. With stunning landscaping and top-notch amenities, it's an ideal place to enjoy golf and unwind.

  • Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. For those intrigued by equestrian sports, the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club offers a splendid venue to witness and experience polo matches, equestrian events, and riding lessons. The club's elegant ambiance and equestrian facilities create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

As DAMAC Lagoons is currently under construction, there are a few considerations for those interested in visiting the planned attractions:

  • Best Time to Visit. While there's no established timeline for completion, it's advisable to keep an eye on updates from DAMAC Properties regarding the project's progress. The best time to visit would be when the community is fully developed, and all the attractions are operational.

  • Nearby Attractions. Take advantage of the proximity to the nearby attractions mentioned above. If you're a golf or equestrian enthusiast, consider exploring Trump International Golf Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates Golf & Country Club, and Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Dubai Sports City and Dubai Motor City.

  • Stay Informed. Follow DAMAC Properties' official channels for updates on the progress of Damac Lagoons. This will ensure you're well-informed about when the attractions are open to the public.

Culture and Lifestyle in DAMAC Lagoons

Culture and Lifestyle

Dubai is renowned for its cultural diversity, and DAMAC Lagoons is no exception. Residents and visitors can expect to experience a fusion of cultures worldwide, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere where people from different backgrounds come together.

The lifestyle at DAMAC Lagoons is expected to be characterized by an appreciation for luxury, leisure, and recreation. The development's lagoons, white sandy beaches and Mediterranean-inspired architecture will encourage a relaxed and laid-back ambiance that echoes the coastal charm of the Mediterranean cities it draws inspiration from.

In Dubai, local customs and practices are deeply rooted in Islamic traditions, and these customs are likely to influence the lifestyle within DAMAC Lagoons. Modesty in dress and behavior is a customary practice, particularly in public spaces and around religious sites.

The concept of hospitality is very important in Arab culture, will likely play a role in the lifestyle at DAMAC Lagoons. Visitors and residents alike can anticipate warm welcomes and a genuine desire to make everyone feel at home.

Furthermore, the concept of community and family is highly valued in Dubai's culture. Residents of DAMAC Lagoons can expect to experience a sense of togetherness and camaraderie, fostering a close-knit community where neighbors become friends.

As the development takes shape and residents begin to make it their home, the unique blend of global influences and local customs will contribute to a cosmopolitan lifestyle and respect for the cultural traditions that make Dubai a truly special place.

Culinary Scene

Dubai's culinary scene reflects its cosmopolitan population, blending traditional Emirati flavors with international influences. While the specific culinary offerings within DAMAC Lagoons are yet to be realized due to the area being under construction, visitors and residents can anticipate a wide range of dining options, both local and global.

Traditional Emirati cuisine often features dishes such as harees, a savory porridge made from meat and wheat, and machboos, a flavorful rice dish with meat or seafood. Dubai's international nature also ensures a rich selection of global cuisines, making it a haven for food enthusiasts.

While DAMAC Lagoons is under construction and doesn't yet feature restaurants, residents and visitors can explore nearby dining establishments. Some noteworthy options include:

  1. Chimney Restaurant. Chimney Restaurant offers a variety of cuisine options and a comfortable and inviting ambiance for diners. Its diverse menu is likely to cater to various palates.

  2. Hot and Pepper Grill Restaurant. As the name suggests, this restaurant is likely to offer spicy and flavorful grills, making it an excellent option for those who enjoy a touch of heat in their dishes.

  3. New Defood Restaurant. This restaurant is anticipated to serve various delicious dishes that cater to different tastes, potentially including local and international flavors.

  4. Royal Grill Restaurant - DUBAI. With "Royal" in its name, this restaurant might offer a touch of elegance and an array of culinary delights, making it a possible choice for special occasions.

As DAMAC Lagoons continues to develop, its culinary scene is expected to flourish alongside its vibrant community. Visitors and residents can look forward to a diverse range of dining options of the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai, which offers a delightful culinary journey to different tastes and cultures.

Shopping Experience in DAMAC Lagoons

Shopping Experience in DAMAC Lagoons

While DAMAC Lagoons is currently under construction and doesn't yet feature local markets or souks, the future promises a vibrant regional mall with many retail stores that will complement the community's lifestyle. According to the master plan, residents and visitors can look forward to a community mall, which will likely offer a range of retail outlets and services.

In the nearby areas, residents and visitors can explore various shopping destinations that offer diverse options for retail therapy:

  • Souq Extra. A modern interpretation of the traditional souk, Souq Extra provides a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Visitors can explore a variety of stores, from fashion and accessories to electronics and groceries.

  • The Town Mall. Located nearby, The Town Mall offers a collection of shops and eateries, providing residents and visitors a casual and comfortable shopping environment.

  • First Avenue Mall - Motor City. This mall offers a selection of outlets, restaurants, and services in a modern setting. It caters to various shopping needs and preferences.

  • The Ranches Souk. This souk-style shopping destination offers a unique atmosphere for visitors to explore. With a mix of retail outlets, cafes, and other amenities, it provides a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.

While haggling might not be familiar in modern malls, it could be encountered in traditional souks and markets of Dubai. Here are some tips for navigating and possibly haggling:

  1. Research. Before visiting a market, research the typical price range for your desired items. This will help you set a reasonable budget and be prepared for negotiations.

  2. Polite Interaction. Approach haggling as a friendly interaction. Politeness and a smile can go a long way in negotiations.

  3. Start Low. When haggling, start with a price significantly lower than the stated price. This provides room for negotiation.

  4. Be Flexible. Be open to compromise. The goal is to find a price that both parties are comfortable with.

  5. Walk Away. Don't hesitate to walk away if an agreement can't be reached. Sometimes, this can prompt the seller to offer a better deal.

  6. Enjoy the Experience. Haggling can be a fun and cultural experience. Approach it with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

  7. Know Cultural Norms. Familiarize yourself with local customs and norms related to haggling. It's expected and welcomed in some places, while it might be less common in others.

Accommodation Options

DAMAC Lagoons Dubai offers a diverse range of accommodation options, catering to different preferences and budgets. From villas to townhouses, the properties within this waterfront community provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience.

Investors and end-users can choose from various villas available in various configurations, ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms. These two and three-story villas are characterized by their quality fittings and furnishings, nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of waterfalls and lagoons:

  • Most villas feature an expansive living area, a maid's room, a kitchen, and a storeroom on the ground floor. The second floor is typically home to master bedrooms and a terrace. Some residences also have a rooftop area designed as a terrace with connecting rooms.

  • Private gardens and parking areas are standard features of these villas, enhancing the sense of space and tranquility.

For those seeking a more compact yet elegant living option, DAMAC Lagoons offers townhouses in various sizes and configurations:

  • 3-bedroom townhouses are available at a starting price of AED 380k.

  • Investors interested in 4-bedroom townhouses can choose from various options, with prices ranging from AED 1.4M to AED 2.6M.

  • Larger 5-bedroom townhouses are priced between AED 1.5M and AED 7.2M.

  • 6-bedroom townhouses start at AED 3.6M.

For those desiring expansive living spaces, DAMAC Lagoons offers larger villas and houses:

  • The community features 7-bedroom houses for sale, offering generous living areas. These properties come with an average price of AED 7.1M, encompassing an area of 7,268 sq. ft. Notable features include a patio, private garden, and a spacious terrace.

DAMAC Lagoons caters to a wide range of budgets, ensuring that prospective buyers can find an accommodation option that suits their financial preferences:

  • The smallest 3-bedroom villa starts from AED 1.3M, providing an entry point for investing in an estate.

  • For those seeking larger 4-bedroom villas, prices can range up to AED 16.9M, offering a selection of features, including gardens, terraces, and private parking areas.

  • Expansive 5-bedroom villas start at AED 1.7M and go up to AED 6.6M.

  • 6-bedroom villas begin at AED 2.2M, catering to those interested in spacious living options.

  • Larger units, such as 7-bedroom and 8+-bedroom villas, are available with starting prices of AED 4.9M and AED 12M, respectively.

Getting Around

Dubai's well-developed transportation network ensures that DAMAC Lagoons is well-connected to significant landmarks, business districts, and leisure destinations.

  • Road Networks. Major highways and roads, such as Hessa Street and Emirates Road, facilitate smooth travel within and outside the community.

  • Public Buses. Dubai's comprehensive bus network ensures accessibility to various parts of the city. Bus stops within proximity to DAMAC Lagoons may provide convenient options for residents to navigate.

  • Dubai Metro. While the Dubai Metro might not be directly connected to DAMAC Lagoons, its coverage across the city allows residents to connect to nearby metro stations and explore Dubai efficiently. The closest station is Dubai Expo 2020 Metro Station.

Navigating DAMAC Lagoons and its surrounding areas can be made easier with the following tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Roadways. Get acquainted with significant roads and highways like Hessa Street and Emirates Road. Understanding these routes can help you navigate to and from DAMAC Lagoons.

  2. Use Ride-Sharing Apps. Utilize ride-sharing apps like Uber and Careem to conveniently travel to destinations that might not be directly accessible through public transportation.

  3. Plan Your Journeys. When exploring Dubai, plan your journeys ahead of time. Know the nearest bus stops, metro stations, or other transportation hubs to streamline travel.

  4. Consider Renting a Car. If you prefer the flexibility of transportation, consider renting a car during your stay in Dubai.

  5. Utilize Metro Connections. While the Dubai Metro might not be nearby, you can use nearby metro stations to access various parts of the city efficiently.

  6. Local Tips. Engage with locals or use navigation apps to discover the most efficient routes and alternative transportation options.

  7. Stay Updated. Keep updated with the latest developments in the area's transportation infrastructure as new routes or services might become available.

Special Events

While DAMAC Lagoons is currently under construction and doesn't yet host local events, residents and visitors can immerse themselves in Dubai's vibrant events scene in neighborhoods. The city is renowned for its diverse events, festivals, and celebrations catering to various interests and cultures.

Dubai's events calendar is filled with various activities catering to residents and tourists alike. From cultural festivals to sports events, entertainment extravaganzas to culinary celebrations, Dubai's events scene ensures there's always something happening to capture your interest. Here some most famous festivals of Dubai:

  • Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Held annually, typically from December to January, DSF is one of the city's most awaited events. It features incredible shopping deals, entertainment shows, and various activities.

  • Dubai Food Festival (DFF). The Dubai Food Festival usually occurs from February to March, celebrating the city's culinary diversity. It includes food-related events, pop-up dining experiences, and a chance to savor international cuisines.

  • Dubai World Cup. Horse racing enthusiasts look forward to the Dubai World Cup, held around March or April. It's one of the world's richest horse races and features a day of thrilling races and entertainment.

  • Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS). Taking place during the summer months, DSS offers an array of retail promotions, family entertainment, and events to beat the heat.

  • Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). This film festival typically occurs in November and showcases diverse films, bringing together international and regional cinema talents.

The timing of these events and festivals varies throughout the year, ensuring that Dubai offers a year-round entertainment experience.

Practical Information

In Dubai, the local currency is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). It would be best to exchange your currency for AED to facilitate transactions during your stay. English is widely spoken and understood, making communication convenient for most visitors.

Dubai follows Islamic traditions and has its cultural norms. It's recommended to dress modestly, particularly in public places and religious sites. Avoid public displays of affection, especially in conservative areas. During the holy month of Ramadan, it's essential to respect fasting hours and refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public during daylight hours.

Dubai is generally considered safe for residents and visitors alike. However, like in any city, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and take basic safety precautions.

  • Emergency Services. In emergencies, dial 999 for police, ambulance, or fire services.

  • Healthcare. Dubai offers excellent healthcare facilities. For medical emergencies, Rashid Hospital and Dubai Hospital are well-equipped.

  • Travel Insurance. It's recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance to cover unexpected events, including medical emergencies and trip cancellations.

  • Weather. Dubai has a desert climate with hot summers and mild winters. Summers can be extremely hot, so stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun.

  • Cultural Sensitivity. Respect local customs and religious practices. Avoid public displays of affection, offensive language, or behavior that might be perceived as disrespectful.

  • Scams and Safety. Be cautious of scams, especially involving deals that seem too good to be true. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded places.

  • Alcohol Regulations. Alcohol consumption is allowed in licensed venues such as hotels and certain bars. Public intoxication is not tolerated and can lead to legal consequences.


DAMAC Lagoons Dubai is an ambitious lagoon waterfront community is poised to become a captivating oasis that seamlessly blends modern living with natural beauty. The vision of DAMAC Properties has brought forth a fantastic waterfront community reminiscent of Mediterranean wonders and tropical island vibes, offering an array of amenities, stunning DAMAC Lagoons villas, crystal lagoons, and picturesque beaches, making it an exquisite place to call home.

The distinctive features that DAMAC Lagoons offers, such as a floating cinema, camping island, enchanting canals, and a sensory plaza, add an extra layer of charm to the community. It will be a gated community with olive trees, yoga parks, and access to the Global Village ensuring a luxurious and well-connected lifestyle.

Located conveniently near the Al Maktoum International Airport and the City Centre Me'aisem, DAMAC Lagoons boasts access to four major highways and offers an extensive range of residential units.

As the community unfolds, DAMAC Lagoons Dubai presents itself as a city's master community nearby the vibrant Dubai Sports City. The focus on quality living is reinforced by convenient educational options nearby, such as the SAFA Community School and Fairgreen International School. This ensures a comprehensive and family-friendly environment for residents.

In the vibrant metropolis, DAMAC Lagoons emerges as an enchanting haven to call home. Its stunning properties and proximity to serene lagoons offer an extraordinary living experience. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and tranquility, where every day is an opportunity to explore life amidst the shimmering waters. Choosing DAMAC Lagoons means choosing a remarkable lifestyle where modernity and natural splendor coexist in perfect harmony.



  • 1.

    Is DAMAC Lagoons completed?

    DAMAC Lagoons has not been completed yet. It is expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2024.

  • 2.

    What is the DAMAC Lagoon cluster plan?

    The DAMAC Lagoon cluster plan involves eight sub-districts inspired by the world's most beautiful waterfront cities, including Venice, Santorini, Costa Brava, and more. Each cluster offers unique amenities, designs, and features, creating a diverse and vibrant community within DAMAC Lagoons.

  • 3.

    Who is the owner of DAMAC Lagoons?

    DAMAC Lagoons is a project by DAMAC Properties, a prominent real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates and the broader region. The company specializes in luxury residential, commercial, and leisure properties and is known for its innovative and high-quality developments.

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