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Bluewater Island Dubai is a man-made residential island across from Dubai Marina, a dynamic destination that combines elements of the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East with the allure of global attractions. Nestled off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Bluewater Island Dubai is a remarkable development that seamlessly blends innovation, entertainment, and luxury.

One of the standout features of Bluewater Island Dubai is the world-renowned Ain Dubai, which means Dubai Eye. This incredible structure, standing tall as one of the world's tallest observation wheels, offers breathtaking panoramic views of Dubai's stunning skyline and the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. As you explore the island, you'll discover a plethora of entertainment options, including the famous Madame Tussauds Dubai, featuring lifelike wax figures of international celebrities and renowned personalities.

Bluewater Island Dubai is also a hub for culinary excellence, housing an array of exquisite dining establishments that cater to every palate. From internationally acclaimed chefs like Gordon Ramsay to local favorites offering delectable dishes such as battered fish and ancho chili squid, the island's dining scene is a haven for food enthusiasts. For a leisurely break, you can unwind at the Coffee Club or experience the vibrant nightlife at the Brass Monkey, where you can enjoy live music performances by talented local artists.

History of Bluewaters Dubai

Bluewaters Dubai is a relatively new development, with its early history dating back to the 2000s. The project was conceived as part of Dubai's vision to transform itself into a global tourism and business hub. The artificial island was created as a way to expand Dubai's coastline and offer new opportunities for entertainment, leisure, and residential living.

One of the most significant historical events in the development of Bluewaters Dubai was the decision to build Ain Dubai, the world's largest observation wheel. The construction of this iconic landmark began in 2015 and involved the expertise of Starneth Engineering, a renowned company specializing in the design and construction of observation wheels. Ain Dubai's opening in 2021 marked a major milestone for Bluewaters Dubai and added a unique attraction to the island.

Since its inception, Bluewaters Dubai has undergone a remarkable transformation. The island has evolved from a concept into a vibrant lifestyle destination, attracting visitors and residents from around the world. The development has seen the construction of luxurious hotels like Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai and a range of residential buildings and retail stores.

Over time, Bluewaters Dubai has become synonymous with entertainment and leisure. It offers a variety of attractions, including the stunning Ain Dubai, which has become an iconic symbol of Dubai's skyline. The island has also welcome renowned international stars, host major events and provided a platform for cultural celebrations.

Geography and Architecture of Bluewaters Dubai

Geography and Architecture

Bluewaters Dubai is an artificial island located just off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The island is situated in the Arabian Gulf and offers stunning views of the surrounding waters and the Dubai skyline.

The physical layout of Bluewaters Dubai is designed to create a vibrant and dynamic environment. The island spans an area of approximately 2.5 million square feet and is connected to the mainland by a modern and aesthetically pleasing bridge known as the Bluewaters Bridge.

The architecture of Bluewaters Dubai is contemporary and showcases sleek lines, modern designs, and state-of-the-art construction techniques. The buildings on the island incorporate a mix of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. The structures are characterized by their high-rise nature, offering residents and visitors panoramic views of the island and its surroundings.

One of the most unique aspects of Bluewaters Dubai is the presence of Ain Dubai, the world's largest observation wheel. Standing at a staggering height of 250 meters (820 feet), Ain Dubai is the centerpiece of the island's skyline. Its impressive size and design make it a prominent feature visible from various vantage points in Dubai.

The Blue Water island features bustling retail and dining scene. The island is home to a range of unique retail stores offering diverse products and brands. Additionally, the dining options on Bluewaters Dubai are diverse, with various international cuisines and renowned restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences.

The island's urban planning takes into account pedestrian-friendly spaces, wide walkways, and green areas, making it an inviting environment for leisurely strolls and relaxation. Bluewaters Dubai also features landscaped gardens and public spaces that enhance the island's aesthetic appeal.

Key Attractions

  1. Ain Dubai. The world's largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, is the main attraction on Bluewaters Dubai. Offering stunning panoramic views of the Dubai skyline, Ain Dubai stands at a height of 250 meters (820 feet) and features 48 passenger capsules. It is a must-visit for breathtaking views and a memorable experience.

  2. Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai. This luxurious hotel and entertainment complex features world-class accommodations, fine-dining restaurants and entertainment options. It hosts international stars and offers a vibrant atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

  3. Cove Beach. Located on Bluewaters Dubai's coastline, Cove Beach is a beach club offering relaxation, sunbathing, and access to the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. It's an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the beach.

  4. Retail and Dining. Bluewaters Dubai boasts a range of unique retail stores and diverse dining options. Visitors can explore a variety of international cuisines and indulge in a shopping spree at the island's retail outlets.

Here are some tips for visiting Bluewaters Island:

  1. Best Time to Visit. The best time to visit Bluewaters Dubai is during the cooler months, from October to April when the weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities. Avoid visiting during the scorching summer months when temperatures can be extremely high.

  2. Tickets. To experience Ain Dubai, visitors can purchase tickets either on-site or online in advance. Prices may vary depending on the type of experience, such as general admission or a private capsule. It is recommended to check the official website or contact the ticketing provider for up-to-date information on ticket prices and availability.

  3. Planning. Bluewaters Dubai offers a wide range of attractions and activities, so planning your visit in advance is advisable. Research the opening hours of the attractions you wish to visit, make restaurant reservations if needed, and allocate enough time to explore the island thoroughly.

  4. Transportation. Bluewaters Dubai is easily accessible by various modes of transport. Visitors can reach the island by taxi, private car, or public transportation. The island is connected to the mainland via the Bluewaters Bridge. It's recommended to check the latest transportation options and schedules for a smooth journey.

  5. Dress Code and Etiquette. While visiting Bluewaters Dubai, respecting the local culture and dressing modestly is important. It's also advisable to be mindful of social norms and adhere to any rules and regulations specified by individual attractions.

Culture and Lifestyle of Bluewaters Dubai

Culture and Lifestyle

Bluewaters Dubai reflects the vibrant and cosmopolitan culture of the United Arab Emirates. The local culture uniquely blends traditional Arabian customs and modern influences. The island embraces a diverse community, with residents and visitors from around the world.

The UAE's culture values hospitality and generosity. Visitors to Bluewaters Dubai can expect warm and friendly interactions with the local community. Traditional Arabian hospitality is often seen in the service provided at hotels, restaurants, and other establishments on the island.

The Emirati culture is deeply rooted in Islamic traditions. While Bluewaters Dubai is an international hub, respecting local customs and traditions is important. Dressing modestly, particularly in public places, is appreciated, although the island allows for a more relaxed dress code than other conservative areas.

The lifestyle on Bluewaters Dubai is dynamic and vibrant. The island offers a range of entertainment options, including world-class dining, shopping and leisure activities. Residents and visitors can indulge in luxurious experiences, enjoy beach clubs, attend live performances and explore the island's attractions.

Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, is an important time in the UAE. During this period, it's important to be respectful of those observing the fast by avoiding eating, drinking, or smoking in public during daylight hours.

Friday is considered the Islamic day of prayer and rest. Many businesses and establishments may have modified operating hours or close for the day. It's advisable to plan activities and visits accordingly.

The UAE places great emphasis on preserving its cultural heritage. Visitors to Bluewaters Dubai can explore various cultural attractions, such as museums and art galleries, that showcase Emirati traditions, history and art.

The local cuisine is another notable aspect of the culture. Emirati cuisine includes dishes such as biryani, machbous, and luqaimat (a sweet treat). Trying traditional Emirati food can be a delightful experience and an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture.

Overall, Bluewaters Dubai offers a multicultural environment where visitors can experience the modern lifestyle of Dubai while respecting the local customs and embracing the rich Emirati culture.

Culinary Scene

Apart from traditional Emirati cuisine, Bluewaters Dubai boasts a wide range of international culinary options. The island has numerous restaurants, cafes, and food markets catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're craving Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, or fusion cuisine, there are ample choices available.

  1. Torno Subito. This vibrant Italian restaurant, created by renowned chef Massimo Bottura, offers a playful and nostalgic dining experience inspired by the Italian Riviera in the 1960s. Guests can enjoy classic Italian dishes with a modern twist.

  2. Akira Back. Helmed by celebrity chef Akira Back, this contemporary Japanese restaurant combines traditional flavors with innovative techniques. The menu features a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine, and guests can indulge in signature dishes such as Tuna Pizza and AB Tacos.

  3. Dolce Green. Dolce Green is a popular Italian restaurant located on Bluewaters Dubai. It offers a charming and cozy ambiance, serving various traditional and contemporary Italian dishes. Dolce Green provides a delightful dining experience, from freshly made pasta to wood-fired pizzas.

  4. Madness Bluewaters. Madness Bluewaters is a vibrant and energetic restaurant known for its lively atmosphere and delicious food. It offers a fusion of international flavors focusing on American and Mexican cuisine. Guests can enjoy an array of mouthwatering burgers, tacos, and other flavorful dishes.

  5. L'ETO. L'ETO is a renowned café and patisserie known for its delectable desserts and artisanal cakes. Located on Bluewaters Dubai, it offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere where visitors can indulge in a wide range of sweet treats, including cakes, pastries and specialty coffees.

Shopping Experience Bluewaters Dubai

Shopping Experience

Bluewaters Dubai offers an exciting shopping experience, both on the island itself and in the nearby areas. While Bluewaters Island Dubai does not have traditional souks, it offers a modern shopping experience with its array of upscale malls and retail outlets. Visitors to Bluewaters Island can indulge in diverse shopping options, from luxury brands to unique boutiques, all within the island's vibrant and stylish atmosphere.

  1. The Wharf. This waterfront retail destination offers a mix of high-end fashion brands, luxury boutiques, and trendy shops. Visitors can explore a wide range of fashion, accessories, and lifestyle stores while enjoying stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

  2. Mall of the Emirates. Located in the neighboring area of Al Barsha, the Mall of the Emirates is a renowned shopping destination featuring a wide range of international brands, luxury boutiques and entertainment options. It would take approximately 15-20 minutes by car to reach the Mall of the Emirates from Bluewaters Dubai, depending on traffic conditions.

  3. The Dubai Mall. As one of the world's largest and most iconic shopping malls, The Dubai Mall offers an extensive selection of high-end fashion brands, luxury retailers, entertainment attractions, and diverse dining options. The Dubai Mall is situated near the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, and it would take approximately 20-25 minutes by car to reach it from Bluewaters Dubai.

Here are some tips for haggling and navigating the markets:

  1. Master the art of haggling. Haggling is common in traditional souks, so don't hesitate to negotiate prices. Start by offering a lower price than the initial asking price, and be prepared to meet in the middle. Remember to maintain a friendly and respectful attitude during the process.

  2. Compare prices. Before making a purchase, explore different stalls and compare prices. This allows you to get a sense of the average price for a particular item and helps you make informed decisions.

  3. Be respectful. When visiting the traditional souks, respecting the local culture and traditions is essential. Dress modestly and be mindful of local customs. It's also polite to ask for permission before taking photographs of people or their wares.

  4. Bring cash. While many places in Dubai accept credit cards, some smaller vendors in traditional souks may prefer cash. It's a good idea to carry some local currency (UAE dirhams) for smoother transactions.

  5. Get a local's perspective. Engaging in conversation with the shopkeepers can provide insights into local culture and recommendations for the best deals. They may offer valuable advice on hidden gems or lesser-known markets worth exploring.

Accommodation Options

  1. Luxury Hotels. Bluewaters Dubai is home to several luxury hotels offering top-notch amenities and services, such as Ceasars Palace Dubai and Address Beach Resort. These hotels provide spacious rooms or suites with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf or the Dubai skyline. They often feature multiple restaurants, spas, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities.

  2. Serviced Apartments. Serviced apartments are a popular choice for those seeking more space and independence. These apartments come fully furnished with separate living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms. They often include amenities such as housekeeping services, access to fitness centers, and sometimes even private pools.

  3. Residential Buildings. Bluewaters Dubai also offers residential buildings with apartments available for short-term rentals. These options provide a home-like atmosphere with amenities like swimming pools, gyms and 24-hour security.

  4. Budget-Friendly Options. Visitors on a budget can explore affordable accommodations in the nearby areas of Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Beach Residence. These areas offer a range of hotels, guesthouses, and hostels at competitive rates.

Getting Around

  1. Public Transportation. The Dubai Tram is a popular public transportation mode connecting Bluewaters Dubai to other key areas in the city. The tram system is efficient and comfortable and offers a convenient way to travel along the coastline, providing easy access to destinations like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. Closest metro stations to Bluewaers are Jabal Ali Metro Station and DMCC Metro Station.

  2. Taxis. Taxis are readily available in Bluewaters Dubai and offer a convenient way to travel around the area. You can either hail a taxi on the street or use ride-hailing apps like Uber or Careem. Taxis are metered, safe, and operated by professional drivers.

  3. Water Transport. Bluewaters Dubai is accessible by water transport, with a dedicated ferry service that connects the island to various locations in Dubai. This provides a unique and scenic way to reach Bluewaters and enjoy the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

  4. Walking. Bluewaters Dubai is designed to be pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained walkways and paths. Walking is a great way to explore the island, especially within the entertainment district, where many attractions, restaurants, and shops are within a short walking distance.

  5. Private Vehicles. If you have access to a private vehicle, Bluewaters Dubai has ample parking facilities available. However, it's important to note that parking spaces may be limited during peak times, so it's advisable to arrive early or consider alternative transportation options.

Here are some tips for navigating Bluewaters Island:

  • Familiarize yourself with the public transportation routes and schedules. The Dubai Tram and ferry services have specific operating hours, so check the timings in advance to plan your journey accordingly.

  • Consider using ride-hailing apps for added convenience and flexibility when traveling by taxi. These apps allow you to book a ride and track your driver's location.

  • Make use of maps and navigation apps to help you navigate around Bluewaters Dubai. These tools can provide step-by-step directions and real-time traffic updates to ensure a smooth journey.

  • Take advantage of the pedestrian-friendly layout of Bluewaters Dubai by walking to nearby attractions, restaurants, and shops. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the island.

  • Plan your outings in advance to make the most of your time. Check the opening hours of attractions and restaurants, and consider booking tickets or making reservations in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Special Events

Bluewaters Dubai frequently organizes its own events, including live music performances, art exhibitions, food festivals, and family-friendly activities. These events showcase the vibrant and diverse culture of the island and provide memorable experiences for visitors of all ages. In addition, neighboring areas host some world-renown events:

  1. Dubai Shopping Festival. One of the most renowned events in Dubai is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), held annually from December to January. While not specific to Bluewaters Dubai, it's worth mentioning as it offers an incredible shopping experience throughout the city, including in nearby areas like Dubai Marina. The DSF features massive discounts, entertainment shows, fireworks, and various cultural activities.

  2. Dubai Food Festival. Another city-wide event, the Dubai Food Festival, celebrates the diverse culinary scene of Dubai. The festival typically takes place in February and showcases a wide range of international cuisines, celebrity chef demonstrations, food trucks, and special dining experiences. Visitors to Bluewaters Dubai can explore the festival's various food-related events held at different locations across the city.

  3. Dubai International Film Festival. Film enthusiasts visiting Bluewaters Dubai in December can enjoy the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). This prestigious event showcases a wide array of international and regional films, attracting filmmakers, actors, and cinema lovers from around the world. Screenings, premieres, panel discussions, and red-carpet events make it an exciting time for film enthusiasts.

  4. UAE National Day. Celebrated on December 2nd every year, the UAE National Day is a significant event in Dubai and across the country. It commemorates the union of the seven emirates and is marked by vibrant parades, fireworks, cultural performances, and traditional festivities. Visitors to Bluewaters Dubai can witness the patriotic spirit and immerse themselves in the rich Emirati culture during this time.

Practical Information

  1. Currency. The currency used in Dubai and Bluewaters Dubai is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). Carrying some local currency for small purchases is advisable, as cash is commonly accepted in various establishments. However, credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are available throughout the island for convenient cash withdrawals.

  2. Language. The official language of Dubai is Arabic, but English is widely spoken and understood, especially in tourist areas like Bluewaters Dubai. You'll find that most signage, menus, and service personnel communicate in English, making it easy to navigate and interact with locals.

  3. Local Customs. Dubai is an Islamic city with a rich cultural heritage. It's important to respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when visiting public areas or religious sites, and be mindful of local sensitivities. Public displays of affection should be avoided, and alcohol consumption is restricted to licensed venues.

  4. Safety Considerations. Dubai, including Bluewaters Dubai, is generally a safe city for visitors. However, it's always wise to take precautions and remain vigilant. Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid displaying valuable items in public. Be cautious of street vendors offering counterfeit goods and only use licensed taxis or reputable ride-hailing services. Follow any safety guidelines provided by local authorities.

  5. Emergency Contacts. In case of an emergency, here are some important contact numbers to keep in mind:

    • Police: 999

    • Ambulance: 998

    • Fire Department: 997

  6. Health and Medical Facilities. Bluewaters Dubai has access to excellent healthcare facilities, including clinics and hospitals equipped with modern medical technology. It's advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies during your stay. Remember to carry any necessary medications with you and stay hydrated, especially during hot weather.

  7. Weather and Climate. Dubai experiences a desert climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The summer months (June to September) can be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching well above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). It's advisable to dress comfortably, stay hydrated, and seek shade during peak hours if visiting during the summer.


Bluewaters Island Dubai, with its iconic landmarks like Ain Dubai, the world's tallest observation wheel, and the luxurious Caesars Palace Hotel, offers an extraordinary experience in the heart of Dubai. This urban island in the middle of the Arabian Gulf has transformed into a prime location combining the best entertainment, dining, and leisure.

Exploring Bluewaters Island Dubai is like stepping into a world of wonders. From the enchanting Marina Beach to the vibrant entertainment zone, every corner offers an incredible experience. The island's stunning architecture and incredible structures add to its allure, making it a visual feast for visitors.

Bluewaters Island Dubai is not just about the attractions; it's also a paradise for food enthusiasts. With its amazing restaurants and dining concepts, you can indulge in a culinary journey like no other. From fine dining establishments helmed by renowned chefs to charming cafes and coffee clubs, there's something to satisfy every palate.

While visiting Dubai, Bluewaters Island is a must-visit destination. It's easily accessible from various parts of the city. The island's proximity to other famous attractions like Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa makes it an ideal choice for tourists looking to explore the best of Dubai.

Bluewaters Island Dubai is a true testament to Dubai's ambition and vision. It showcases the city's commitment to creating unique and extraordinary experiences. Whether you're a fan of world-class entertainment, a lover of art and culture, or simply seeking a luxurious experience, Bluewaters Island Dubai has it all.

As you plan your trip to Dubai, be sure to include Bluewaters Island in your itinerary. Explore the island's urban charm, indulge in its diverse offerings, and immerse yourself in the magic of this extraordinary destination. Bluewaters Island Dubai is waiting to welcome you to its vibrant and captivating world.


  • 1.

    Can you walk to Bluewaters Dubai?

    Yes, it is possible to walk to Bluewaters Dubai. The island is connected to the mainland by a pedestrian bridge, allowing visitors to access it on foot easily. Walking to Bluewaters Dubai provides a leisurely and scenic experience, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings and enjoy the island's features.

  • 2.

    What is Dubai's New island Bluewaters?

    Bluewaters Island Dubai, often referred to as Bluewaters, is a new and vibrant destination located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) in Dubai. It is an artificial island that offers a unique blend of residential, commercial, retail, and entertainment experiences. Bluewaters Island is known for its incredible structure, including the iconic Ain Dubai, the world's largest observation wheel.

  • 3.

    What is the closest metro to Blue Waters Dubai?

    The closest metro stations to Bluewaters Dubai are the Jabal Ali Metro Station and DMCC Metro Metro Station. From the metro station, visitors can easily reach Bluewaters Island by taking a short tram ride or walking to the nearby JBR Marina Station, which is in close proximity to the island.

  • 4.

    Who develops Bluewaters Island?

    Meraas, a leading Dubai-based developer, own Bluewaters Island Dubai. Meraas is known for its innovative and unique projects that contribute to transforming Dubai's urban landscape. The development of Bluewaters Island is part of Meraas' vision to create exceptional destinations that enhance the city's appeal as a prime tourist and lifestyle hub.

  • 5.

    How to walk from JBR to Bluewaters?

    To walk from JBR to Bluewaters, you can start at The Beach at JBR, a popular waterfront promenade. You can follow the designated pedestrian paths and walk along the JBR Bridge, which connects JBR to Bluewaters Island. The bridge offers a picturesque view of the surrounding area. It leads directly to the island, allowing you to easily access the various attractions and entertainment options available on Bluewaters Dubai.

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