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Dictricts Dubai Studio City Area Guide 2023
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About Area

Studio City, a free zone in Dubai, covers over 22 million sq. ft. and is located in a central area of the emirate. TECOM Investments began the three-phase development in 2005, and it is conveniently situated next to Al Qudra Road D63, providing easy access to various residential districts in Dubai.

Although Studio City is renowned for its commercial aspect, it still offers exceptional amenities to commercial offices, including broadcasting companies, film production houses, TV, music, and other entertainment-related industries. Although the community is not widely known for its residential properties, there are many apartments available for rent and sale in various residential towers.

Villas and townhouses are not available in Studio City. However, one may find commercial and residential plots among the property configurations. Similar to Dubai Media City, Studio City is another free zone district in the emirate that also offers housing facilities.


Dubai Studio City is a creative hub located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which provides a platform for media and entertainment companies to collaborate, network, share knowledge, and develop innovative content. The architecture in Dubai Studio City is a reflection of its creative purpose and identity.

The buildings are constructed with cutting-edge technology and feature creative elements such as geometric shapes, curved lines, and bold colors. The innovative designs of buildings such as the Studio City Building and Sound Stages are a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Dubai's architecture.

Dubai Studio City is also home to modern facilities that are equipped to cater to the needs of media and entertainment companies. These facilities include post-production studios, sound stages, production offices, and soundproof studios. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables media and entertainment professionals to create high-quality content.

Dubai Studio City also offers an interactive environment for creative professionals. The architecture of the buildings provides several spaces for networking, learning, and collaboration. The open spaces encourage interaction and knowledge sharing among artists, writers, and producers.

Dubai Studio City has adopted sustainable architecture practices. The buildings are constructed using environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient technology. The design and construction of the facilities are based on sustainable principles such as reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and optimizing natural resources.

Key Features

The key features of Dubai Studio City can be compared to other areas that offer similar services.

  1. Infrastructure to meet the needs of the media industry. From soundproof studios and advanced editing suites to creative workspaces, this area provides everything that a media company needs to generate high-quality content. Its main competitor in this regard would be Media City, another dedicated media hub located in Dubai.

  2. A collaborative environment that fosters cross-sector skills exchange. This is done through regular events, seminars, and workshops where individuals from different backgrounds can come together and share their expertise. This community spirit is also seen in Dubai Production City, an area that offers media services at affordable rates.

  3. A range of support services for media companies. This includes access to qualified talent, flexible licensing, visa facilitation services, and financial incentives for the production of movies and other forms of content. In comparison to Dubai Production City, Dubai Studio City offers more tailored services to media companies.

  4. A strategic location is easily accessible to other parts of the UAE. This prime location offers excellent connectivity to major international markets, which is a major advantage for media companies that operate on a global scale. Sharjah Media City is another area that offers a strategic location. However, its focus is more on smaller businesses.

Pros and Cons


  • Entertainment and lifestyle. Living in Dubai Studio City means access to various amenities, including exclusive restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, cinemas, and sports facilities. Entertainment options are endless here.

  • Career opportunities. Dubai Studio City is home to various media and entertainment companies, offering a wide range of career options for creative individuals. These industries are thriving and always in search of skilled professionals.

  • Security. Dubai is known for its infrastructure, safety, and security measures, and it extends to its residents. With its high-tech monitoring systems, you can be assured of your safety at all times.

  • Transport. Dubai has invested heavily in its transport infrastructure over the last few years. Dubai Studio City is very well connected with the Metro, roads, and public transport.


  • Cost of living. The cost of living in Dubai and Studio City, in particular, is quite high. High rent, high electricity bills, and high fuel prices can drain your wallet quickly.

  • Crowded. Dubai Studio City may not give the wide-open spaces that many people seek. The free zone is full of commercial and residential buildings, which could result in congested roads and traffic.

  • Limited natural landscape. Dubai is a city that has been built from scratch and is a modern marvel, but nature is not prevalent in the urban environment. There are just a limited number of parks and gardens around.


Rental trends

The prices of apartments vary according to factors such as the project, date of construction, covered space, and the floor of the unit. Units with a view are typically more expensive.

Dubai Studio City apartments for rent offer tenants access to all necessary amenities. These luxurious apartments boast beautiful architecture and provide tenants with ample space to host family gatherings. Rent prices for studios begin at AED 25k and go up to AED 34k. 1-bedroom apartments can cost between AED 35k and AED 60k per year.

Similarly, annual rents for 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Studio City typically start at AED 55k per annum, and 3-bedroom apartments can cost around AED 70k per year.

There are a limited number of shops for rent in Dubai Studio City, with prices starting at AED 100k per year.

Sales trends

Studio City offers attractive tax benefits for residents choosing to invest in the community.

For those interested in purchasing property, the sale prices for studios range between AED 340k to AED 416k, while 1-bedroom apartments cost between AED 490k to AED 700k. These flats come equipped with various features such as a fitted kitchen, Italian bath fittings, a private garden, sports facilities, and a basement parking system.

Additionally, spacious balconies offer panoramic views of the surrounding gardens. Expect to pay around AED 877k on average for 2-bed apartments and around AED 1M for 3-bed flats.

For individuals interested in purchasing land, residential plots are available for sale between AED 4.7M and AED 9.9M in Dubai Studio City.

Upcoming projects

DSC has several upcoming construction projects that are set to enhance the existing infrastructure and attract new businesses, thus reinforcing its position as a premium media hub in the region.

One of the most important projects is the Dubai Studio City Expansion, which is set to add over 22,500 square meters of office space, 5,000 square meters of retail space, and a 2,000-seat theatre. This expansion is in line with the government's efforts to diversify the economy and attract foreign investment.

Another major project is the Dubai Audio-Visual Content Production Complex, which is a joint initiative between DSC and the Dubai Film and TV Commission. This complex will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the production and post-production of high-quality content, including film, TV shows, commercials, and other digital media.

DSC is also building a new boutique hotel that will feature 97 rooms and a range of amenities to cater to the needs of its clients. This hotel will complement the existing hotel options in DSC and provide convenient accommodation for the media industry professionals working on-site.

Properties in Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City is a prime location neighboring Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club and Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street. The community is divided into Glitz 1, Glitz 2, and Glitz 3, all offering mixed residential and commercial units with a range of amenities such as leisure decks, barbeque areas, and shared rooftop pools. Glitz 1 has 146 residential units and 5 retail units, while Glitz 2 features 146 units with a few commercial units on the ground floor. Glitz 3 has 352 residential units and 6 retail outlets on the ground floor, together with a party hall, mini-golf course, and rooftop swimming pool.

Samana Golf Avenue is a high-end residential development by Samana Developers located on Hessa Street, offering 250 units of studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments with smart home technology and luxurious finishing.

AZIZI Mirage 1 is a stylish residential project in Dubai Studio City, offering 186 apartments with a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units. Amenities such as BBQ seating, Zen Garden, and a swimming pool allow for a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Studio 101 is an 8-story apartment building developed by Meilenstein Developments, situated in Studio City. It offers 163 contemporary apartments with a range of amenities, such as a sports club, gymnasium, and landscaped gardens, making it a serene and tranquil place to call home.

Commercial property

Dubai Studio City is a major media production hub in the UAE, located in the heart of Dubai's vibrant business community. The development was designed to meet the growing demand for film and TV production facilities in the Middle East and has since evolved into a dynamic commercial district that offers a range of property types suitable for a variety of businesses.

Commercial property in Dubai Studio City is designed to meet the specific needs of media production companies, creative agencies, and other businesses in the creative industries. The range of commercial property available includes offices, studios, production warehouses, sound stages, and post-production facilities.

Сommercial property in Dubai Studio City offers an excellent opportunity for businesses in the media and creative industries. With its central location, state-of-the-art facilities, and supportive business environment, it is an ideal choice for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Middle East.

Transport and Access In Dubai Studio City

Transport and Access

In Dubai Studio City, you can find ample parking spaces in this bustling commercial passage. Specific parking slots are reserved for residents, while visitors can utilize paid parking services.

If you prefer to travel via the metro, the Dubai Internet City Metro Station is just a 10-minute drive away. Additionally, there are two bus stops named Dubai Studio City Operation Office 1 and 2, both of which are serviced by feeder buses F30 and F32 from the Mall of the Emirates metro station. Moreover, you can take bus J02, which caters to both Studio City and Production City.

Dubai International Airport can be reached via the shortest route in 23 minutes. Downtown Dubai is just 20 minutes away, while the Mall of Emirates is a 15-minute drive away. Sharjah, on the other hand, is located 50 km away and requires a minimum of 40 minutes by car to reach.


The neighborhood offers a plethora of attractions for residents to enjoy. Studio City, as a hub for film and TV production, is conveniently located near some of Dubai's most popular cinemas. Movie buffs can indulge in a distraction-free screening experience at Vox Cinema on the second floor of the Mall of Emirates or catch the latest blockbusters at Roxy Cinemas next to JBR and Reel Cinemas in the Dubai Mall. However, if you want to take a break from screen time, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-visit destination. It is the world's largest floral garden and boasts a Disney-themed landscaped garden, a Trampoline Park, and Butterfly Garden.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is also located within the Miracle Garden and features more than 50 species of butterflies, making it the perfect haven for butterfly enthusiasts. Thousands of butterflies reside in a comfortable environment here.

For sports lovers, the Dubai Autodrome is within 5 minutes from home and offers several motorsports activities like single-seat driving, car drifting, karting, and a nerve-wracking laser tag experience. Alternatively, visitors can head to the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club in the Arabian Ranches community, where they can enjoy quality time along with the amenities offered to members.

Education in Dubai Studio City



Dubai Studio City is a popular destination for creative professionals in the entertainment industry. As a result, many families with young children have also chosen to reside in this area. To cater to the needs of these families, there are various nursery locations in Dubai Studio City.

  • Little Champions Nursery. This nursery offers a warm and nurturing environment for children aged between 2 months and 4 years. The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and provides a range of activities to help children develop and learn.

  • Learning Tree Nursery. The nursery caters to children aged between 6 months and 4 years and follows the British curriculum. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that children receive the best education possible.

  • Bright Beginnings Nursery. It is another option for parents in Dubai Studio City. The nursery offers a range of programs for children aged between 6 months and 4 years, including a baby program and a toddler program. The nursery also follows the EYFS curriculum and offers a range of activities to develop children's social, emotional, and physical skills.

Other nursery locations in Dubai Studio City include the British Orchard Nursery, Stepping Stones Nursery, and Kids Cottage Nursery. These nurseries offer a variety of programs for children of different ages and follow different curriculums.


For primary and secondary education, there are many reputable schools situated nearby.

  • The GEMS Metropole School in Motor City provides the British curriculum to children between 3 and 17 years of age and is the closest to Dubai Studio City. Ranches Primary School in Arabian Ranches 2 is another option and offers the National Curriculum of England. The school has been rated as "Very Good" for academic excellence by the KHDA annual review for 2018-19.

  • Jumeirah English Speaking School in Arabian Ranches is another popular choice, offering both the British and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

  • Other well-known schools within a 10 to 15-minute drive are GEMS United School, Victory Heights Primary School, and Renaissance International School.

Higher education options are also available nearby in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Knowledge Park. These university hubs of Dubai are located less than 20 minutes away from Dubai Studio City and include popular universities such as the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) and the American University in Dubai.

Sport in Dubai Studio City


For kids

  • The Sevens Stadium. It offers a range of sports activities for kids, including cricket, rugby, soccer, and more. The stadium is also home to top-notch training facilities, making it an ideal destination for sports teams and clubs. The Sevens Stadium regularly welcomes schools from around the city for sports tournaments and competitions.

  • Dubai Sports City. It is another popular destination for kids who have an interest in sports. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, including indoor and outdoor sports grounds, so kids can take part in various activities, such as football, tennis, and cricket. They also have a dedicated children's activity center that keeps kids excited and engaged while parents are at work.

  • Masterminds Nurseries. It is a popular destination for young children who want to participate in sports activities. The nursery offers various sports programs for kids, including indoor gym and physical exercise classes. They also have a young athlete program designed for children to get professional sports training at an early age.

For adults

  1. FitRepublik. This is one of Dubai Studio City's most popular locations, known for its world-class facilities and innovative sports programs. FitRepublik is a multi-sport facility that offers various classes and activities - CrossFit, swimming, yoga, gymnastics, and much more. The facility is open to all skill levels, with specialized training programs available for those aiming to compete at a professional level.

  2. Football Center. This is a state-of-the-art football arena that is perfect for adult football enthusiasts. Football Center offers training programs and weekly league games, catering to both beginner and advanced players. There are six indoor football pitches equipped with the latest technology, such as video playback, ensuring players can review their games and performances.

  3. Circuit Plus. If you are looking to up your fitness game or are willing to try high-intensity training, then Circuit Plus is the ideal destination for you. This facility offers an immersive fitness adventure featuring workouts that involve climbing, jumping, running, and core strength exercises. Circuit Plus is the perfect combination of fun and functional training.


If there's an emergency in Studio City, residents can go to nearby clinics and hospitals like Medicentres and HMC Medical Centre in Motor City, which offer a range of medical services.

Your Health Clinic and Apex Medical and Dental Clinic are also nearby. If you need dental or chiropractic care, there's Dr. Anand Shinoy Dental Clinic and Plato Chiropractic Health Clinic within a 7-minute drive.

Prime Medical Centre is at First Avenue Mall, which is just 5 minutes away. Additionally, NMC Royal Hospital is in Dubai Production City, while Al Zahra Hospital and Saudi German Hospital are reputable medical facilities in Al Barsha, roughly a 15-minute drive away.

Healthcare in Dubai Studio City

Churches, temples, and mosques

Dubai Studio City does not have any temples or churches. However, there are several options within a reasonable distance.

  • Churches. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Yalcin Malikanesi, and The Metropolitan Mark Chords are all just a 16-minute drive away.

  • Temples. The Guru Darbar Hindu Temple is 15 minutes away, while the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, located in Jebel Ali Village, is a 14-minute drive away.

  • Mosques. On the other hand, while there are no mosques in Dubai Studio City, the Al Eman Mosque is just a short 1.5 km drive away. Masjid Salam is also located near the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, with other options for nearby mosques, including the Sharbatly Mosque, Al Adel Mosque, and the Sports City Mosque. 

Entertainment in Dubai Studio City



If you're looking for supermarkets to do your daily grocery shopping in Dubai Studio City, there are several options available. The closest ones are Spar Express in Glitz 1 and Blue Mart Supermarket Studio City. Additionally, there are other nearby supermarkets such as Spinney's, Zoom Mart, and Lifco Supermarket, all of which are less than a 10-minute drive away in Dubai Sports City.

First Avenue Mall in Motor City is the nearest mall for Studio City locals. The mall features more than 50 high-end retail stores, 15 food and beverage outlets, and also has a Park Inn by Radisson hotel.

Another famous mall near Dubai Studio City is City Centre Me'aisem in Dubai Production City. The mall has many luxurious fashion outlets such as H&M, Max, and Centrepoint. It also has a large Carrefour hypermarket, a City Centre Clinic, Magic Planet, various retail stores, and many restaurants. Moreover, the famous Tavola kitchenware store is also present in this mall. City Centre Me'aisem and First Avenue Mall are both reachable within a 15-minute drive.

If you want more in-depth retail therapy and a fantastic shopping experience, some of the top malls in Dubai can be found within a 30-minute drive. Malls like the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Dubai Mall offer thousands of stores, dining options, entertainment facilities, and much more.

Shopping in Dubai Studio City

Parks and walks

Dubai Studio City has several parks and walking areas that are perfect for a peaceful stroll, exercise, or just enjoying the beauty of nature.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden. It is one of the largest flower gardens in the world, featuring over 45 million blooming flowers in various colors and designs. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk through the gardens, take photos with the floral structures, or even enjoy a picnic with friends or family. The park also has several attractions, including an amphitheater, a butterfly garden, and a trampoline park.

  • Mudon Central Park. This park offers an ideal location for a morning or evening walk, jog, or bike ride. It features several public art installations, a jogging track, a children's play area, and a fitness station for exercise enthusiasts. Additionally, the park also includes a large pond filled with fish, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic.

  • Al Barsha Pond Park. This park offers a beautiful lakeside walking trail, which is perfect for a leisurely stroll, jog, or bike ride. The park also features several seating areas, a children's play area, and a jogging track.

Parks and walks in Dubai Studio City

Top 5 cafes and restaurants

As a resident of Dubai Studio City, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a diverse range of cuisines served by various restaurants within the vicinity. Visitors will encounter a wide selection of international and traditional cuisines available in both casual and fine dining environments.

  1. Taqado Mexican Kitchen is widely recognized for its delicious Mexican food and is strategically located next to the Dubai Films TV Commission office.

  2. Patiala House Restaurant is another informal dining experience offering indigenous North and Indian cuisines.

  3. The MAINE Street Eatery specializes in seafood and American dishes, including mouth-watering steaks.

  4. Studio One boasts Larte, providing the ultimate Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

  5. BOHO offers contemporary, grilled, BBQ, and international cuisines, complemented by live music and shisha.

Furthermore, within a 10-minute drive, you have access to popular restaurants like Acai & the Tribe, Tahini Kitchen, Wingstop, and Sensation. Moreover, situated in Dubai Studio City is one of the best cafes in Dubai, Circle Cafe.

Cafes and restaurants in Dubai Studio City


If you're seeking an oceanside escape and yearning for the excitement of beach sports while feeling the sand between your toes, take a drive down Jumeirah Beach Road for roughly 15 to 20 minutes. Once there, discover two highly popular beaches, Jumeirah Beach and Al Sufouh Beach, both a short distance apart, eagerly inviting you to indulge in a sandy retreat.

At Jumeirah Public Beach, delight in activities such as cycling or skateboarding while enjoying the 1.8km of esplanade beside the shimmering shoreline. Contrastingly, Al Sufouh Beach is a more serene and tranquil expanse, perfect for relishing panoramic views of the sparkling waters or simply basking in the sun's warmth upon the soft sand.

Beaches in Dubai Studio City

Nightlife in Dubai Studio City

One of the most popular nightlife spots in Dubai Studio City is the Music Room, which is renowned for its live performances and lively atmosphere. The Music Room is a great place to unwind after a long day at work, and it welcomes a diverse crowd of people, including expats, locals, and tourists. The venue hosts a variety of music genres, such as rock, pop, and jazz, to name a few, making it the ideal destination for music lovers.

Another go-to nightlife spot in Dubai Studio City is the Q43 Lounge. This stylish rooftop bar is famous for its breathtaking views of the city skyline and has a relaxed ambiance that makes it perfect for intimate gatherings and celebrations alike. Their signature drinks are unique and are prepared by award-winning mixologists.

In addition to the bars and nightclubs, Dubai Studio City is renowned for hosting some of the best events in the city. The events are diverse and cater to different audiences, ranging from concerts, comedy nights and gaming events, among others. They also host movie screenings regularly.

Nightlife in Dubai Studio City



  • 1.

    How to get to Dubai Studio City by Metro?

    Metro is a quick and easy way to reach the City as the metro runs regularly, and you can avoid traffic congestion.

    The nearest metro station to the Dubai Studio City is the Dubai Internet City Metro Station. It is located 10 minutes away from Dubai Studio City. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Dubai Studio City. Taxis are readily available at Nakheel Metro station, and it is a short ride to the city. Bus services are also available from the station, and you can check the bus schedule at the station.

  • 2.

    What movies are filmed in Dubai Studio City?

    Dubai Studio City, also known as DSC, is a production hub for the film, TV, and music industries. It is an area in Dubai that provides state-of-the-art studios and other production facilities for filmmakers and producers to create their content. It has attracted many international production companies, making it a hub for film and television production in the region.

    Many popular movies have been filmed at the Dubai Studio City, such as Star Trek Beyond, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, and the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise - Fast and Furious 7. The studio also has several sound stages and sets that can be used for TV shows and commercials. Moreover, the studio offers post-production, equipment rental, and other services that production companies may need.

  • 3.

    Is Studio City a city?

    Studio City in Dubai is not a city on its own. It is a sub-community of Dubai, which is known as the global hub for business and entertainment. The city is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, and Studio City is designed to cater to the entertainment and media sector in Dubai. It is strategically located near major transport links, making it easier for industry professionals to access the location.

  • 4.

    What is the zip code Studio City Dubai?

    In Dubai, zip codes are not used. Instead, there is a PO Box system. All mail is delivered to PO Box addresses. With regard to Dubai Studio City, the address is Dubai Studio City, Al Qudra Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Those who want to send correspondence to Dubai Studio City can address it to the PO Box number 503040. It is important to note that using the PO Box system for mail delivery is mandatory in the UAE.

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