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Developers Ellington Properties Review of the Developer
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Ellington Properties, a prominent real estate developer in Dubai, is renowned for its commitment to crafting beautiful residential environments. With a strong presence in prime areas like Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Mohammed bin Rashid City, Ellington Properties consistently delivers high-quality lifestyles through luxury properties such as Wilton Park Residences, Belgravia Square, and Eaton Place.

As a truly customer-centric developer, Ellington Properties focuses on meeting the refined tastes of its customers, inspiring breathtaking interior designs, and consistently transcending fashions in the real estate industry. Whether it's constructing high-rise luxury residences, contemporary villas, or multi-family communities, Ellington Properties offers a great investment opportunity for investors seeking properties in Dubai.


Founded in 2014, Ellington Properties has quickly risen to prominence as one of Dubai's leading design-led real estate developers. The company is dedicated to the art of crafting beautiful properties and communities, all with a focus on delivering high-quality lifestyles to its residents. Ellington Properties considers itself to be a truly customer-centric developer in the UAE, drawing inspiration from its customers' refined tastes to create compelling luxury properties that consistently transcend fashions and trends.

With core principles of expertise, discernment, empathy, and dynamism, Ellington Properties sets itself apart in the real estate industry. Their expertise shines through in the selection of sought-after locations for their developments, backed by a team of skilled professionals. Each residence is meticulously designed with discernment, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. The company's empathetic approach prioritizes the needs of its clients, ensuring that every home expresses the passions and aspirations of its residents. Through its dynamism, Ellington Properties continues to be a top recommendation for those looking to invest in real estate and acquire luxury homes in Dubai.

Average Prices for Properties

Ellington Properties offers a wide range of property options in various locations, each with its unique features and pricing. The average prices for properties by Ellington Properties can vary significantly based on factors such as location, type of real estate, condition, and the number of bedrooms. Here are some minimum price points for selected Ellington Properties projects:

  • Global Brand Awards 2023: "Leading Designer Residential Development Brand" and "Fastest Growing Real Estate Brand".
  • Arabian Property Awards 2020: "Best Residential Development for Wilton Park Residences", "Best Bathroom Design in the Middle East for Wilton Park Residences", "Award for Residential Interior - Apartment for Eaton Place", "Award for Residential Interior - Show Home for Belgravia Square" and "Award for Development Marketing for the Live in Design campaign".
  • Arabian Property Awards for Kensington Waters: "Architecture Multiple Residence for Dubai", "Bathroom Design for Dubai" and "Residential Interior Show Home for Dubai".
  • Arabian Property Awards for Belgravia III: "Residential Development 20+ Units".

These are minimum price points and the actual prices may vary depending on various factors and specific property configurations. Potential buyers should consult Ellington Properties or their authorized agents for precise and up-to-date pricing information based on their preferences and requirements.

Key Projects


Belgravia, a flagship project by Ellington Properties is crafting exceptional living spaces. Offering a selection of classic apartments available in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, Belgravia is a symbol of design excellence. These award-winning residences, designed by the renowned architectural firm Perkins+Will, cater to various preferences with their diverse layouts.

Situated in the heart of Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai, Belgravia is a pioneer in the area, setting the standard for design-led, contemporary homes that seamlessly integrate with residents' daily lives. The development includes an array of amenities, including inviting swimming pools, sports fields, parks, and schools. It's not just a place to live, it's a community where every family member can grow. For adults, there's a fitness center, and for children, outdoor play areas offer ample opportunities for fun and exploration.

What sets Belgravia apart is not just its architectural brilliance but also its commitment to delivering ahead of schedule. In 2015, Ellington Properties embarked on this iconic project, and by 2017, it had become a reality, providing residents with not just a home but a lifestyle designed for the utmost comfort and convenience. Belgravia represents a new standard in Jumeirah Village Circle apartments for sale, where design, functionality, and community come together to create a truly exceptional living experience.

Ellington Palm Villas

Ellington Palm Villas, nestled in the heart of the prestigious Palm Jumeirah development, represents the epitome of exclusive and opulent living. These magnificent Palm Jumeirah villas for sale offer not only panoramic views of the city but also provide access to some of Dubai's most breathtaking leisure destinations.

What truly sets Ellington Palm Villas apart is its commitment to luxury and aesthetics. These ultra-luxury villas by Ellington Dubai are designed with meticulous attention to detail, having a color palette that artfully combines earthly and desert shades of metal, glass, and stonework. This harmonious fusion results in a residence that exudes sophistication and style at every turn.

For those in pursuit of luxury villas for sale in Dubai, Ellington Palm Villas stands as a premier choice. It offers an unparalleled living experience that seamlessly blends opulence, convenience, and the allure of Palm Jumeirah's iconic surroundings. Ellington Palm Villas by Ellington Properties is Dubai's luxury real estate offering.

The Highbury

The Highbury, a striking development by Ellington Properties, represents a new chapter in the company's journey, offering residents an elevated perspective of luxury living. Poised majestically on a podium adorned with lush gardens and meticulously planned family spaces, The Highbury introduces a concept akin to a 'vertical village,' where residents become part of a thriving community.

For those with an active lifestyle, the development offers both indoor and outdoor fitness areas, where health and wellness are paramount. The infinity pool provides a tranquil oasis for relaxation, while the kids' play area ensures that the younger members of the community have ample space for enjoyment. Movie enthusiasts can indulge in the cinema room, and those seeking recreation can partake in the games room.

The Highbury also caters to the love of outdoor living, featuring a barbecue area for delightful gatherings, an urban basketball area for sports enthusiasts, and a padel tennis court for those looking to engage in friendly matches. With these amenities and services, The Highbury sets a new standard for luxurious and community-focused living, where every day is a wonderful experience.

Belmont Residences

Belmont Residences, a distinctive mid-rise tower, draws its inspiration from the vibrant metropolis of London. What sets this development apart is its exceptional ability to harmonize seamlessly with its surroundings, blending into its context with remarkable finesse. Comprising a total of 58 apartments, including 1 and 2-bedroom units, as well as 10 studios, Belmont Residences offers a delightful diversity in terms of sizes, layouts, and features.

This contemporary residential masterpiece is not only about luxurious living spaces but also about enriching lifestyles. Thoughtfully designed amenities add a touch of elegance to residents' daily routines. From hotel-like drop-off areas that exude sophistication to welcoming lobbies that set the tone for a warm community, Belmont Residences aims to elevate every facet of the resident experience.

For those who prioritize health and wellness, both indoor and outdoor fitness areas provide ample opportunities for exercise. A tranquil infinity pool offers a respite from the bustling city, while a dedicated kids' play area ensures that younger residents have their own space for fun and exploration. Movie buffs can indulge in the cinema room, while the games room promises endless entertainment.

Eaton Place

Eaton Place, a contemporary apartment project nestled within the enchanting community of Jumeirah Village Circle, introduces a modern living experience. This development offers a diverse selection of studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Eaton Place at JVC is thoughtfully designed with a focus on providing comfortable living spaces for the middle-class sector. Each apartment is adorned with carefully chosen hues and colors, creating an ambiance of warmth and style.

Residents of Eaton Place can enjoy upscale amenities that enhance their daily lives. These amenities include round-the-clock security for peace of mind, a fitness gym, a refreshing pool to relax and unwind, and many more conveniences that make for a comfortable and enriching living experience.


Global Brand Awards 2023:

  • Leading Designer Residential Development Brand

  • Fastest Growing Real Estate Brand

Arabian Property Awards 2020:

  • Best Residential Development for Wilton Park Residences

  • Best Bathroom Design in the Middle East for Wilton Park Residences

  • Award for Residential Interior - Apartment for Eaton Place

  • Award for Residential Interior - Show Home for Belgravia Square

  • Award for Development Marketing for the 'Live in Design' campaign

Arabian Property Awards for Other Projects:

  • Kensington Waters:

    • Architecture Multiple Residence for Dubai

    • Bathroom Design for Dubai

    • Residential Interior Show Home for Dubai

  • Belgravia III:

    • Residential Development 20+ Units

These awards and recognitions underscore Ellington Properties' commitment to excellence in real estate development, design, architecture, and marketing. It shows the developer's dedication to creating inspirational and high-quality homes and communities for residents in Dubai.


Ellington Properties Development LLC, a boutique property development firm in Dubai, has established itself as a leading player in the real estate industry. With a commitment to crafting beautiful residential environments that resonate with fresh perspectives, the company's portfolio includes a diverse range of projects across prime areas, including Business Bay, MBR City, and Hayat Island.

Their dedication to interior design excellence, a focus on customers' refined tastes, and a flair for creating comfortable lifestyles in prime areas set Ellington Properties apart. Whether it's the scenic views of La Mer, the popular projects like Wilton Park Residence, or the modern urban living at Upper House in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Ellington Properties consistently delivers quality, innovation, and easy access to vibrant city life. With a track record of awards and accolades, the Ellington Collection is crafting beautiful residences and leaving a mark on the construction and real estate development complexes of Dubai.


Ellington Properties


  • 1.

    Where are some of the prime locations where Ellington Properties has projects?

    Ellington Properties has a strong presence in prime areas such as Business Bay, MBR City, and Hayat Island, offering residents easy access to vibrant city life.

  • 2.

    Does Ellington Properties offer a variety of residential options?

    Yes, Ellington Properties offers a diverse range of residential options, including studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments, as well as luxurious villas.

  • 3.

    How does Ellington Properties cater to its residents' needs?

    Ellington Properties designs its developments with a focus on providing amenities that enhance residents' lifestyles, including fitness centers, swimming pools, and family-friendly spaces.

  • 4.

    Can investors find valuable opportunities with Ellington Properties?

    Ellington Properties offers a range of real estate investment opportunities, including luxury apartments and villas that are considered great investment options in Dubai.

  • 5.

    What should potential buyers or investors look forward to in Ellington Properties' future projects?

    Potential buyers and investors can anticipate continued excellence in design, innovative concepts, and a commitment to creating beautiful residential environments that cater to contemporary living and comfort.

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