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Mussafah, situated southwest of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, stands as a vital industrial district and a key player in the nation's economic landscape. This special economic zone holds significant importance, boasting numerous factories and a bustling port, making it a cornerstone of economic activities within the UAE.

History of Mussafah

Abu Dhabi Mussafah, once a modest industrial area in the 1970s, underwent a transformative journey marked by significant historical events and evolutionary strides.

In its early years, Mussafah was described as a "maze of roads and half-completed buildings," with industrial activities centered around workshops and service facilities. The landscape changed with the construction of the Mussafah Bridge, a 480-meter-long marvel completed between 1976 and 1978, connecting Abu Dhabi to the mainland. Initially built by the Korean company Dongah, the bridge played a pivotal role in the area's development, although subsequent engineering assessments revealed the need for extensive restoration in the 1990s.

Amidst the challenges, the government's commitment to Mussafah's growth became evident as incentives were offered to businesses, including customs exemptions on imported goods, land provisions, and industrial licenses. This marked the beginning of Mussafah's ascent as a special economic zone, now known as the "Abu Dhabi Industrial City."

The 2000s witnessed a boom in the economic development of Mussafah, further fueled by its own port on the northern side. Hydrocarbons-intensive industries became a focal point of growth, with approximately 30% of the land in the Polymer Park area leased out by January 2009. Mussafah's journey from a modest industrial area to a thriving economic hub is a testament to strategic investments and visionary initiatives.

Geography and Architecture

Mussafah's distinctive geography and architecture harmonize seamlessly, encompassing the Mussafah Industrial Area, Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD), and Shabiya.

The industrial area pulsates with activity, hosting an array of factories, warehouses, and offices. Nestled adjacent to Mohammed Bin Zayed City and positioned just off the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Truck Road (E30) highway, the residential neighborhood adds a residential facet to Mussafah's dynamic landscape.

Expanding across an impressive 40 sq. km., Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD) unfolds to the south of Mussafah Industrial Area, revealing a meticulously planned district. Offering flexible plot sizes tailored to diverse investors and manufacturers, ICAD accommodates over 350 manufacturing companies and a workforce exceeding 30,000. Its five specialized industry zones cater to various sectors: ICAD I spans 14 sq. km., hosting heavy to medium manufacturing and engineering industries; ICAD II comprises light to medium industrial complexes; ICAD III focuses on light to medium industries, with an international company concentration; ICAD IV houses high-tech industries and ICAD V is dedicated to automotive industries.

The infrastructure of ICAD is exemplary, featuring reliable communication networks, well-developed roads with free-flowing junctions, and multiple entry points. This well-connected district ensures smooth access to seaports, airports, and over 200 air routes from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Mussafah's synthesis of industrial and residential spaces reflects a commitment to fostering a dynamic and accessible environment.

Key Attractions

  • Dalma Mall. A prominent shopping destination, Dalma Mall stands as a commercial hub within Mussafah, providing a retail and entertainment experience amid the industrial landscape.

  • Mohammed Bin Zayed City Public Park. Nestled within the Mussafah Сommunity, this public park offers a serene escape, providing a green oasis amid the industrial surroundings for those seeking relaxation and outdoor activities.

  • Ultimate Sports Academy. A 13-minute drive from Mussafah, the Ultimate Sports Academy caters to sports enthusiasts, offering a range of activities and facilities for those looking to engage in physical pursuits.

  • Qaryat Al Beri. Situated nearby, Qaryat Al Beri adds a touch of cultural richness, featuring traditional architecture, dining options, and a picturesque waterfront, providing a contrasting experience to Mussafah's industrial ambiance.

Some common tips for visiting include

  • Best Time to Visit. While Mussafah is primarily an industrial area, visitors may find the cooler months from November to March more comfortable for outdoor activities.

  • Ticket Information. Attractions like Dalma Mall and Ultimate Sports Academy may have specific ticketing for certain activities or events; it's advisable to check their respective websites for current information.

Culture and Lifestyle

Mussafah, being an industrial district, draws on a diverse population, contributing to a multicultural atmosphere. While the area is primarily known for its economic activities, the residents bring their cultural backgrounds, resulting in a unique tapestry of traditions. The proximity to Abu Dhabi adds to the cosmopolitan nature of the community.

The lifestyle in Mussafah is influenced by the industrial and economic activities that dominate the region. Residents often find themselves immersed in a dynamic work environment, with various industries contributing to the overall vibrancy of the area. Despite its industrial nature, Mussafah has adapted to provide residential spaces, creating a balance between work and daily life.

While Mussafah may not have distinct customs or practices exclusive to the area due to its industrial focus, residents often engage in cultural practices reflective of their diverse backgrounds. The multicultural fabric of Mussafah contributes to a rich exchange of traditions, creating a unique community experience.

Culinary Scene

Mussafah's culinary landscape reflects a blend of traditional Emirati flavors and the diverse palates of its residents. Local dishes often include aromatic biryanis, succulent grilled meats, and flavorful pulao preparations. The rich tapestry of tastes mirrors the multicultural community within this industrial hub.

Here are some popular restaurants, cafes, and food markets:

  • Tasty Biryani. Known for its aromatic and flavorful biryanis, Tasty Biryani is a local favorite, offering a taste of traditional Middle Eastern and Indian culinary influences.

  • Al Mandi & Al Madhbi House. Specializing in grilled meats, Al Mandi & Al Madhbi House provides a unique dining experience with its succulent and well-seasoned dishes.

  • Layali Al Sham Restaurant. This restaurant adds a touch of Syrian cuisine to Mussafah, serving a variety of dishes that showcase the rich culinary heritage of the region.

  • Bannu Gul Beef Pulao Restaurant. Renowned for its beef pulao preparations, this restaurant offers a flavorful journey into Pakistani cuisine, catering to diverse tastes within the community.

Shopping Experience

  • Dalma Mall. Positioned as a prominent shopping destination, Dalma Mall in Mussafah offers a modern retail experience with a diverse range of stores, entertainment and leisure activities options, and dining establishments.

  • Capital Mall. Another notable, Mussafah located option, Capital Mall provides a convenient shopping experience, catering to various needs with its array of retail outlets and amenities.

  • The Village Mall. With its unique ambiance, The Village Mall adds a touch of charm to the shopping scene in Mussafah, providing an alternative shopping experience.

  • Mazyad Mall. Located just a few minutes away from Mussafah Industrial Area, Mazyad Mall offers additional retail choices, ensuring residents have convenient access to a variety of shopping options.

While haggling may not be as common in formal shopping malls settings, local markets in Mussafah may allow for some negotiation. It's advisable to approach haggling with respect and a friendly attitude. Navigating the markets involves exploring the diverse offerings, interacting with vendors, and embracing the unique shopping experience that each market presents.

Accommodation Options

There are several types of properties in Mussafah to suit different needs. Studio flats, ranging from 225 sq. ft. to 1,250 sq. ft., are available for rent at an average price of AED 29k. The average annual rent for a 1-bedroom flat is AED 39k, while 2-bedroom apartments charge around AED 48k per year. Larger 3-bedroom apartments, covering 1,000 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft., come with 3 to 4 bathrooms, semi-fitted kitchens, and spacious halls, averaging AED 73k annually.


  • Gravity Hotel. A notable option for those seeking hotel accommodations in Mussafah, Gravity Hotel provides a comfortable stay with convenient amenities.

  • ibis Abu Dhabi Gate. Situated nearby, ibis Abu Dhabi Gate offers a convenient and accessible hotel option for visitors.

  • Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate. Another nearby choice, Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate provides a comfortable and well-equipped stay for guests.

  • Marriott Hotel Al Forsan. For a touch of luxury, Marriott Hotel Al Forsan offers upscale accommodations with premium amenities.

Getting Around

While Mussafah is known for its industrial activities, it has developed a network of public transportation options. Public buses and taxis provide reliable means of commuting within the area and connecting to neighboring regions. The efficient transport system helps residents and visitors navigate the industrial landscape.

Mussafah's road infrastructure is well-developed, featuring interconnected roads and highways. This facilitates smooth traffic flow, allowing easy access to different parts of the industrial district and nearby areas. The road network enhances overall accessibility, making it convenient for individuals to reach their destinations.

Tips for navigating the area include:

  • Public Transportation Awareness. Familiarize yourself with the bus routes and schedules, ensuring you can utilize public transportation effectively. Bus stops and taxi stands are strategically located throughout Mussafah.

  • Road Navigation. Given the industrial nature of Mussafah, understanding the layout of the roads is essential. GPS navigation or maps can be valuable tools to navigate the area efficiently.

  • Peak Hours. Be mindful of peak traffic hours to plan your journeys effectively. Understanding the peak hours helps in avoiding congestion and ensures smoother travel.

Special Events

Mussafah, as an industrial hub, may not host many local events within its confines. However, residents have the opportunity to engage in Abu Dhabi's citywide celebrations and cultural events that showcase the rich heritage of the region:

  • Abu Dhabi Festival. An annual celebration of the arts, featuring performances, exhibitions, and cultural activities.

  • Formula 1 Grand Prix. Held at the Yas Marina Circuit, this globally renowned event attracts motorsport enthusiasts from around the world.

  • Qasr Al Hosn Festival. Celebrating Abu Dhabi's heritage, this festival offers cultural exhibits, traditional performances, and interactive activities.

Practical Information

  • Currency. The official currency in Mussafah and the United Arab Emirates is the UAE Dirham (AED). Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in commercial properties, but it's advisable to carry some cash for small transactions.

  • Language. Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken, especially in commercial and business areas.

  • Public Transport. Public transportation options are available for commuting within Mussafah and to neighboring areas.

Safety Considerations and Emergency Contact Information

  • Safety Precautions. Mussafah is generally considered safe, with a low crime rate. However, it's advisable to practice standard safety precautions, such as safeguarding personal belongings and being aware of your surroundings.

  • Emergency Contact Numbers:

    • Police: 999

    • Ambulance: 998

    • Fire Department: 997

  • Cultural and Religious Considerations. While Mussafah is diverse, it's respectful to be mindful of local customs and traditions.


In conclusion, Mussafah stands as a vital industrial hub within Abu Dhabi, contributing significantly to the economic landscape of the United Arab Emirates. With its diverse offerings, from the bustling Mussafah Industrial Area to the residential charm of Mussafah Gardens, the area caters to a broad spectrum of needs.

As the area has boomed over the years, Mussafah has become a melting pot of cultures, reflected in its diverse communities and the many families that call it home. The strategic location, nestled near the Persian Gulf and with easy access to key landmarks like Yas Island and Downtown Abu Dhabi, enhances its appeal.

Encouraging readers to venture into Mussafah themselves, it is an invitation to witness the small industrial areas, educational institutes, and the unique man-made canal that defines this multi-faceted district. With its rich tapestry of services, communities, and cultural facilities, Mussafah awaits those eager to explore its many facets and appreciate the diversity it has to offer.


  • 1.

    What is the population of Mussafah Abu Dhabi?

    To reach Dalma Mall from Mussafah, you can conveniently use bus number 101. This bus route provides a reliable and accessible transportation option for residents and visitors in Mussafah, connecting the industrial hub to the popular Dalma Mall, allowing for easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities.

  • 2.

    How to get to Mussafah from Abu Dhabi International Airport?

    To travel from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Mussafah, you can take a taxi or use ride-sharing services available at the airport. The most direct route is usually via the highway network, and the journey provides a convenient and efficient way to reach Mussafah from the airport.

  • 3.

    What residential options are available in Mussafah?

    Mussafah offers diverse residential options, with Mussafah Gardens being a notable residential area. Families can find a range of residential properties, from apartments to larger homes, catering to various needs and preferences.

  • 4.

    What areas does Mussafah include?

    Mussafah encompasses several key areas, including the Mussafah Industrial Area, Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD), and Shabiya. The district has evolved to include residential areas like Shabiya and Mussafah Gardens, catering to a sizable population. While the industrial area houses numerous factories, warehouses, and offices, the adjacent residential neighborhoods, such as Mussafah Gardens, are strategically located near Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Khalifa City.

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