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Nshama Property Developer, established in September 2014, stands as a prominent real estate developer in the UAE. Under the leadership of CEO Fred Durie, renowned for his contributions to mega-developments like Downtown Dubai and Arabian Ranches, Nshama specializes in crafting sustainable world-class communities. This leading company is dedicated to integrating smart and sophisticated designs into its developments, marking a significant presence in the dynamic real estate landscape of the United Arab Emirates.


Established in 2014, Nshama swiftly secured a prominent position in the real estate market, evolving into one of the leading international companies in the Emirates. Its rapid ascent is attributed to a commitment to delivering smart, distinct, and sophisticated designs of the highest quality. With a vision to be the heart and soul of residential communities in Dubai, Nshama focuses on providing expansive living spaces for families and others. The company's portfolio includes innovative international designs, including health centers, commercial hubs, community gardens, cafes, retail stores, restaurants, play areas, and educational institutes.

At the forefront of Nshama's offerings are state-of-the-art housing and apartments equipped with the latest modern amenities and essential lifestyle facilities. Notably, Nshama is renowned as the sustainable developer of Town Square Dubai, a pivotal project in the UAE. Situated near Al Barsha, this integrated residential endeavor encompasses 180,000 apartments and 3,000 homes, alongside retail, commercial, and hospitality units, solidifying Nshama's position as a key player in the dynamic real estate landscape of Dubai.

Average Prices for Properties

  • SAMA Townhouses offer a unique residential experience in Town Square Dubai, with a price tag of AED 1,620,888. These townhouses are ready to move and fall under the category of off-plan projects.

  • Naseem Townhouses, also located in Town Square Dubai, come with a price of AED 1,699,888. Similar to SAMA, these townhouses are ready to move and belong to the off-plan projects category.

  • UNA Apartments present an enticing option with a price of AED 444,888. Situated in Town Square Dubai, these ready-to-move apartments are part of the off-plan projects offered by Nshama.

  • 1BR Apartment in UNA Apartments is available for AED 565,888, providing a modern living space as part of the off-plan projects.

  • Naseem Townhouses also feature 4BR options, priced at AED 1,699,888, providing spacious and luxurious townhouse living as part of the ready-to-move off-plan projects.

  • SAMA Townhouses also offer 4BR options, priced at AED 1,599,888, combining luxury and readiness in these off-plan projects within Town Square Dubai.

  • Rawda II Apartments, available at AED 760,888, are part of the ready-to-move off-plan projects, offering a stylish and convenient living space in Town Square Dubai.

  • Warda Apartments, priced at AED 948,888, present another attractive option for those seeking apartments in Town Square Dubai as part of the off-plan projects.

  • Rawda Apartments, available at AED 910,888, offer a blend of style and comfort in the ready-to-move off-plan projects within Town Square Dubai.

Key Projects

Town Square Dubai

This masterful residential Dubai residential community spans an impressive 31 million square feet, making it one of the most sought-after developments. Comprising over 3,000 state-of-the-art townhouses and 18,000 exquisite apartments, Town Square Dubai by Nshama Developer redefines modern living in the heart of the city.

One of the standout features of Dubai Town Square is its commitment to green spaces, offering residents an oasis within the city. With more than 154,000 square feet of refreshing community parks and 16 stunning community gardens, the development provides a picturesque backdrop of lush greenery. Jogging and cycling trails crisscross the community, inviting residents to immerse themselves in the natural allure that surrounds them.

Anticipated to be delivered in 2024, Town Square Dubai's property portfolio presents a myriad of lucrative investment opportunities, particularly catering to the mid-market sector. For those seeking affordable housing in Dubai without compromising on quality and lifestyle, Town Square Dubai by Nshama emerges as a compelling and attractive option, promising a harmonious blend of modern living, green spaces, and community-centric amenities.

Warda by Nshama

Warda by Nshama stands as a mid-rise apartment tower nestled in the heart of Town Square Dubai, offering a captivating blend of modern living and scenic park views. This elegant development is thoughtfully designed to provide residents with a serene and picturesque environment.

Warda's prime location ensures convenience, with a plethora of retail outlets surrounding the tower. Residents can enjoy the proximity of just 22 minutes to both the Al Maktoum International Airport and the renowned Dubai Mall, making it an ideal choice for those seeking accessibility to key destinations in the city.

Situated in close proximity to Al Qudra Road and Emirates Road, Warda offers more than just a home; it provides a strategic location for easy commuting and connectivity throughout Dubai. The range of apartments for sale in Warda caters to diverse family needs, offering 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units, ensuring that each resident finds a home that perfectly suits their lifestyle. Warda by Nshama encapsulates the essence of contemporary living with its thoughtful design, convenient location, and a variety of housing options.

Zahra Townhouses

Zahra Townhouses, a distinguished collection of stylish residences by Nshama Properties, graces the landscape of Town Square Dubai. Offering an exquisite living experience, Zahra is designed for those who appreciate both style and wellness.

This premium development is a haven for health enthusiasts, featuring an abundance of jogging trails and green parks. Residents of Zahra Townhouses can indulge in an active lifestyle surrounded by the natural beauty of the community.

For those seeking a blend of sophistication and comfort, Zahra presents townhouses available for sale in 3-bedroom arrangements. These residences are not only architecturally pleasing but also enriched with high-end amenities, ensuring a lifestyle of luxury and convenience for the discerning homeowner.

UNA Apartments

UNA Apartments, a testament to contemporary living by Nshama Properties, is meticulously designed for individuals leading busy modern lifestyles. This residential haven not only serves as a place to conduct business but also offers a perfect sanctuary for daily relaxation.

UNA ensures that when it's time to unwind, residents have immediate access to a café, leisure area, and games, creating an environment where both work and play seamlessly coexist. The apartments are strategically located within walking distance of Town Square Park, allowing residents to explore the many attractions in the vicinity.

The thoughtful design of UNA includes a swimming pool, library, music room, and mini theatre, catering to diverse leisure preferences. Residents can enjoy a wide range of amenities within the community, from shops and restaurants to cinemas. Kilometers of green spaces with jogging, cycling, and walking trails provide a picturesque backdrop for an active lifestyle.

Families with children will appreciate the dedicated playgrounds, swimming pools, and gyms, ensuring a well-rounded living experience. For added entertainment, UNA Apartments are conveniently located near a skateboard park and water park, offering diverse recreational options.

Zahra Breeze Apartments

Zahra Breeze Apartments, a luxurious offering by Nshama in Town Square Dubai, presents an exquisite portfolio of premium living spaces. Residents of these apartments enjoy a lifestyle enriched with top-notch amenities and the beauty of the surrounding community.

Leisure options abound in Zahra Breeze, with an outdoor cinema beckoning residents to unwind in a unique setting. Additionally, the development includes a strip of luxury boutiques and shops, ensuring that every shopping need is conveniently met within the community.

Zahra Breeze goes beyond the conventional, offering a quality of life that surpasses expectations. The available apartments for sale in Zahra Breeze are designed to cater to different needs, with 2 and 3-bedroom variants. Each residence in this sought-after development reflects the epitome of luxury, comfort, and a well-rounded living experience in the heart of Town Square Dubai.


Nshama has garnered a slew of accolades, solidifying its position as a distinguished real estate developer recognized for innovation and sustainability. Among its notable achievements, Nshama secured the prestigious Best Developer Award at the 2019 Gulf Real Estate Awards, a testament to its commitment to excellence and industry leadership.

The iconic Town Square development in Dubai, a flagship project by Nshama, received international acclaim with the Gold Nuggets 2016 Award for Best International Site Plan. This recognition underscores the exceptional planning and design that Town Square brings to the global stage.

Furthermore, Nshama's Rawda Apartments emerged triumphant on the international stage, clinching five prestigious accolades at the International Property Awards. This recognition reflects the development's outstanding contributions to the real estate landscape, showcasing Nshama's dedication to delivering exceptional properties that stand out on a global scale.


In conclusion, Nshama stands as a renowned and award-winning real estate developer, earning accolades for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the industry. The Best Developer Award at the 2019 Gulf Real Estate Awards attests to Nshama's leadership in the market, while the Gold Nuggets 2016 Award for Best International Site Plan underscores the global recognition of its iconic Town Square development in Dubai. Moreover, the numerous accolades received by Rawda Apartments at the International Property Awards further solidify Nshama's position as a developer dedicated to delivering exceptional and globally acclaimed residential projects.

With a thriving range of integrated lifestyle communities, luxurious townhouses, and mega communities, Nshama has successfully created a diverse portfolio that caters to aspiring homeowners and discerning buyers alike. As Nshama continues to develop full-fledged residential developments, it remains a prominent player in the real estate landscape, offering properties that not only meet the highest standards but also provide exceptional value to residents. Looking forward, Nshama's innovative projects, commitment to sustainability, and renowned developer status position it as a key player shaping the future of residential development in Dubai and beyond.


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    Who is the owner of Nshama?

    Nshama, the vibrant and modern Dubai-based developer, was founded in 2014 by its CEO Fred Durie. Fred Durie brings a wealth of experience to the company, having previously served as the chief executive of Emaar International, a prominent and leading real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates. As the founder and CEO of Nshama, Fred Durie continues to lead the company in its mission to create innovative and sustainable world-class communities in Dubai.

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    What is the nearest metro station to Town Square Dubai?

    While the metro station is relatively distant from Town Square Dubai, the nearest metro station would be Dubai Internet City. Despite the distance, this station serves as a connection point for residents or visitors looking to access Town Square Dubai via the metro system. It's advisable to plan for additional transportation, such as buses or taxis, for the most convenient and efficient commute between Dubai Internet City Metro Station and Town Square Dubai.

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    What types of properties does Nshama offer?

    Nshama offers a diverse portfolio, including luxurious townhouses, apartments, and mega communities. With a focus on providing exceptional value, there are options tailored for aspiring homeowners, ensuring a wide range of choices that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

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    What awards has Nshama received for its developments?

    Nshama has received numerous awards, including the Best Developer Award at the 2019 Gulf Real Estate Awards, showcasing its industry leadership. The Gold Nuggets 2016 Award for Best International Site Plan was bestowed upon its Town Square Dubai development, and Rawda Apartments secured five prestigious accolades at the International Property Awards.

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    How does Nshama cater to the mid-market sector?

    Nshama is committed to providing exceptional value and offers a range of affordable housing options. Projects like Town Square Dubai present lucrative investment opportunities for the mid-market sector, allowing buyers to access quality residences without compromising on modern amenities and lifestyle offerings.

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