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Omniyat Properties, located in the heart of Dubai's vibrant business hub, Business Bay, is one of the premier developers renowned for creating architectural masterpieces that redefine luxury living. With a portfolio spanning from Downtown Dubai to the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Omniyat is a name synonymous with opulent living and world-class amenities. Their commitment to providing exceptional services and creating an immersive lifestyle has made them a unique investment opportunity in the Gulf region's real estate landscape.

Having an impressive range of residences, including One Palm, Marasi Bay, and more, Omniyat caters to the discerning elite who prefer an elevation in their quality of life. Their architectural masterpieces offer not just homes but an ultimate urban lifestyle in one of the world's most sought-after locations. With Omniyat Properties, you're not just investing in real estate, you're investing in an artful blend of development and luxury with a world-class experience for all residents.


Omniyat, a visionary property developer, made its debut in 2005 under the astute management and ownership of Mr. Mahdi Amjad. Since its inception, Omniyat has firmly established itself as one of the UAE's most prominent real estate developers, earning a global reputation for its exquisite art-inspired designs and unwavering commitment to high-quality and consistent standards.

Over the years, Omniyat has delivered a series of awe-inspiring projects that have left an indelible mark on Dubai's skyline. These include iconic landmarks such as The Langham Place, One Palm, The Sterling, and The Opus, situated in sought-after locations like Business Bay and beyond.

What sets Omniyat apart is its steadfast dedication to nurturing close partnerships with all stakeholders involved in the creation and management of properties. By collaborating with the world's leading architects, engineers, interior designers, and artists, Omniyat consistently transforms its developments into works of art. This approach has not only yielded remarkable residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail spaces but has also captured the imagination of every discerning investor seeking the pinnacle of luxury and innovation.

Average Prices for Properties

Omniyat Properties offers a diverse range of real estate options, each with its own unique pricing structure based on factors such as location, property type, conditions, and the number of bedrooms. Here are some minimum prices for select Omniyat projects.

  1. One Palm - Palm Jumeirah. The luxurious One Palm development on the Palm Jumeirah offers opulent living with prices starting at AED 25,007,325.

  2. The Opus Commercial Tower - Business Bay. For those seeking prime office spaces in the heart of Business Bay, The Opus Commercial Tower offers opportunities starting at AED 13,410,243.

  3. The Pad Apartments - Business Bay. The Pad Apartments in Business Bay provide an excellent investment opportunity with prices starting at AED 1,436,600.

  4. 4BR Duplex Apartment in One Palm - Palm Jumeirah. If you're looking for a spacious 4-bedroom duplex apartment in the iconic One Palm project, prices begin at AED 28,212,975.

  5. 4BR Simplex Apartment in One Palm - Palm Jumeirah. Another option within One Palm is the 4-bedroom simplex apartment, starting at AED 25,007,325.

  6. 3BR Double Height Living Area Apartment in One Palm - Palm Jumeirah. For a unique living experience, the 3-bedroom apartment with double-height living areas in One Palm starts at AED 15,930,000.

  7. 3BR Simplex Apartment in One Palm - Palm Jumeirah. Those seeking elegance and luxury can explore the 3-bedroom simplex apartments in One Palm, with prices beginning at AED 14,560,000.

It's important to note that these are minimum prices and may vary based on specific unit configurations, additional features, and market conditions. Omniyat Properties offers a wide range of choices to cater to various preferences and budgets.

Key Projects

AVA at Palm Jumeirah

Ava Residences, a remarkable addition to Omniyat's prestigious project portfolio, stands as a shining jewel on the threshold of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. This architectural masterpiece represents the epitome of luxury waterfront living, offering an unparalleled and inspiring design that sets new standards in opulence. Ava Residences is more than just a residence; it's an experience of extraordinary living.

What sets Ava Residences apart is its diverse array of top-notch amenities, ensuring that residents enjoy a life of utmost comfort and convenience. Apartments available for sale at Ava Residences encompass ultra-luxury 5-bedroom simplex, duplex, and penthouse units, with each floor of the tower dedicated to a single unit. This design approach not only ensures privacy but also enhances the exclusivity of living at Ava, where every resident enjoys the spaciousness and grandeur of their own floor. If you're looking for luxury and sophistication waterfront living in a prime Palm Jumeirah location, Ava Residences is where your dream becomes a reality.

The Lana by The Dorchester Collection

The Lana by The Dorchester Collection represents a significant milestone as Dorchester Collection's inaugural address in the Middle East. This luxurious establishment offers a total of 225 uniquely designed guest bedrooms, including an impressive 69 suites, each meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled guest experience.

The design ethos of The Lana is distinctly contemporary, drawing inspiration from the dynamic city setting that surrounds it. Noteworthy design elements include floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the spaces with natural light, stone flooring, and captivating triple-height ceilings. The ambiance makes guests feel truly welcomed and valued.

Throughout the living spaces, you'll find a tasteful interplay of materials and colors. Dark marble, rounded furniture, and soothing hues of gold, beige, and olive create an atmosphere that resonates with the hotel's prime location. The Lana is exceptionally accessible for both local residents and international travelers. Moreover, its close proximity is just a 15-minute walk to iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the adjacent Dubai Mall.

The Sterling Apartments

The Sterling Apartments, a captivating project by Omniyat is a luxury living in the heart of Business Bay, offering some of the finest apartments in the area. This two-tower apartment complex, located in Downtown Dubai, provides residents with breathtaking views of the Dubai Water Canal and the iconic Dubai skyline.

The Sterling's high-rise towers, each soaring 25 stories above the city, have become iconic landmarks in their own right. By day, their modern design blends seamlessly with the urban landscape, while at night, the reflective facade of The Sterling illuminates the surroundings, creating a mesmerizing sight.

For those looking to make The Sterling their home, there is a range of flats available for sale. These include stylish studio apartments and spacious 1- to 3-bedroom units, catering to a variety of preferences and lifestyles. The Sterling Apartments offer stunning views, luxurious amenities, and a prime location in the heart of Dubai, a truly exceptional living experience in one of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods.

ORLA Infinity

ORLA Infinity, a truly exclusive residential offering, redefines luxury living in Dubai with a limited collection of only 20 duplex residences. What sets ORLA Infinity apart is its dedication to providing an intimate and personalized living experience, where every detail has been carefully considered.

The duplex residences at ORLA Infinity are a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, thoughtfully designed to enhance the connection with the surrounding environment. Positioned perfectly, ORLA Infinity treats residents to captivating vistas of the serene Gulf waters. These views extend from within the exquisitely crafted residences to the softly curved terraces, a distinctive feature rarely found in Dubai. Here, residents are met with an awe-inspiring panorama that encompasses the meticulously landscaped grounds, the lush greenery of Palm Jumeirah, and the breathtaking Dubai skyline.

Each terrace at ORLA Infinity is graced with the presence of a private pool, a lavish retreat spanning up to an impressive 18 meters in length and up to 3 meters in width. Beyond the pools, a tranquil walkway at the water level offers an enchanting escape where residents can immerse themselves in the splendor of the magnificent views. ORLA Infinity is more than just a residence; it's a haven of unparalleled luxury and tranquility, where residents can savor the beauty of Dubai's natural and urban landscapes in unparalleled style and comfort.

The Opus Residence & Commercial Tower

The Opus Residence & Commercial Tower, a masterpiece designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid, stands as a singular architectural marvel in the heart of Downtown Dubai. This exceptional project has garnered acclaim for its distinctive "glowing tube" that gracefully bisects its two towers, making it one of the most iconic properties available for sale in the bustling district of Downtown Dubai.

The commercial component of The Opus is as impressive as its design. It features a cutting-edge media zone, catering to the needs of modern businesses, and a tranquil beach deck adorned with a pool.

The Opus offers an array of opulent living spaces, including luxury 1 and 2 bedroom units. The Opus Residence & Commercial Tower is a unique and prestigious offering that caters to a variety of lifestyles and aspirations, architectural brilliance, and luxury residences in the heart of Downtown Dubai.


Omniyat Properties has garnered a well-deserved reputation for excellence, with a host of prestigious awards and accolades that underline their commitment to innovation and quality. Some of the notable awards and recognitions include:

  1. CNBC Arabian Property Awards 2007. Omniyat Properties achieved a remarkable feat by winning four categories at the CNBC Arabian Property Awards in 2007. These accolades encompassed Best Developer, Best Development, Best Interior, and Best Marketing. This achievement marked a significant milestone, making Omniyat the first multiple award-winning developer in the region.

  2. Main Construction Works for The Pad. In 2008, Omniyat Properties announced the award of the Main Construction works for The Pad.

  3. The Opus - Design Award 2019. The Opus, an exclusive residential and office residence designed by the legendary architect Zaha Hadid, received high acclaim in 2019. It was honored with the prestigious Design Award by the American Council for High-Rise Buildings and Urban Environments.

These awards are just a glimpse of Omniyat Properties' ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding real estate developments that not only redefine luxury but also receive recognition on a global scale. Their dedication to innovation and quality has solidified their position as one of the leaders in the real estate industry, with a track record of excellence that continues to be celebrated by experts and enthusiasts alike.


Omniyat Properties stands as one of the leaders of innovation and luxury in the real estate landscape of the Gulf region. With a portfolio including exceptional services and a commitment to creating immersive lifestyle masterpieces, Omniyat has consistently delivered architectural masterpieces. From iconic projects like One Palm on the Palm Jumeirah starting its legacy to The Opus' unique architectural brilliance, they have set new standards in the industry. The company's dedication to architectural excellence and its collaborations with renowned architects have earned it numerous accolades, including prestigious design awards.

As a prominent company in the real estate market, Omniyat continues to capture the interest of discerning investors and offers unique investment opportunities, making them a trusted choice for those seeking a combination of art, luxury, and innovation in their real estate investments in Dubai.


Omniyat Properties


  • 1.

    Where are Omniyat Properties' projects located?

    Omniyat Properties' portfolio includes projects in prime locations across Dubai, with notable developments in areas like Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, and the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

  • 2.

    What types of properties does Omniyat offer?

    Omniyat offers a diverse range of properties, including luxury residences, commercial spaces, and hospitality offerings. Their portfolio includes apartments, office towers, and unique mixed-use developments.

  • 3.

    Can I find more information about Omniyat's projects online?

    Yes, Omniyat Properties provides comprehensive information about their projects, including details on individual properties, amenities, and investment opportunities, on their official website and through various online channels.

  • 4.

    When was Omniyat founded?

    Omniyat Properties was founded in 2005, marking the beginning of its journey in the real estate industry. Since then, it has grown to become a prominent developer known for its architectural masterpieces and luxury living experiences.

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    How much is Omniyat worth?

    Omniyat's current estimated net worth stands at over $5 billion, encompassing its impressive portfolio of flagship properties, including One at Palm Jumeirah, Dorchester Collection, Dubai; The Residences, Dorchester Collection, Dubai; and The Opus.

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