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Sharjah Waterfront City stands as a testament to visionary urban development on the northeastern coast of the emirate. Positioned as the third largest mixed-use project in the Gulf region, this multi-billion-dollar project comprises ten islands, offering a diverse range of residential options, including apartments and villas, while fostering a family-friendly atmosphere.

Nestled along 36 kilometers of waterfront, Sharjah Waterfront City holds promise for residents seeking a blend of tranquility and urban convenience. The development not only capitalizes on its coastal location but also integrates mesmerizing beaches, commercial towers, and lush greenery, presenting a balanced canvas for those looking to call this waterfront community home.

History of Sharjah Waterfront City

The inception of Sharjah Waterfront City heralded as the largest mixed-use waterfront development featuring a marina in the northern emirates, dates back to its announcement at Cityscape Dubai in late 2015. Demonstrating a swift response to market dynamics, the project underwent meticulous refinement within the initial two years, achieving noteworthy milestones that garnered substantial attention from potential buyers in the region.

Geography and Architecture

Sharjah Waterfront City, strategically situated on the northeastern coast of the emirate, boasts a diverse geographical and architectural landscape. The development spans an extensive 36 kilometers of waterfront, leveraging its coastal location to provide residents with unrestricted beach views and immediate access to the shoreline. This proximity to the coastline enhances the overall appeal of the community, allowing residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

Architecturally, the project is characterized by a mix of residential and commercial buildigs, including 95 high-rise towers with parking spaces and a variety of villas and townhouses. The careful integration of these elements aims to create a balanced urban environment, where modern living spaces coexist with the surrounding natural elements.

Key Attractions

  1. Blue Bay Walk. A sub-community within Sharjah Waterfront City, Blue Bay Walk features six residential towers offering high-end luxury apartments. Residents can enjoy the serenity of lush green gardens, state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, and various entertainment spots.

  2. Ajmal Makan Villas. This residential enclave within the project hosts a collection of well-crafted villas, providing an upscale living experience. The Sun Island smart villas are designed as a fascinating architectural art gallery that combines stunning design and smart technologies keeping in mind about future lifestyle.

  3. Crystal Lagoon. Residents have the opportunity to indulge in the tranquil surroundings and natural dynamic movement of the Crystal Lagoon, providing a unique waterfront experience. The lagoon adds a layer of leisure and aesthetics to the development.

  4. Heritage Village Hamriyah. Situated nearby, this landmark allows residents to explore Sharjah's rich culture and heritage. The village provides insights into the emirate's history, creating an enriching experience for those interested in the region's traditions.

Culture and Lifestyle

Sharjah Waterfront City, situated on the northeastern coast, reflects a blend of diverse cultures within the broader emirate. Residents experience a lifestyle shaped by the proximity to the sea and a commitment to preserving cultural heritage. While the community is not fully developed, it presents an opportunity for residents to engage with the cultural tapestry of Sharjah.

Culturally, Sharjah Waterfront City benefits from its adjacency to Heritage Village Hamriyah, offering a glimpse into the traditional aspects of Sharjah's heritage. This proximity provides residents with the chance to explore and appreciate the cultural roots of the region.

In terms of lifestyle, the development promotes family-centric living, with amenities such as family-friendly entertainment spots, green gardens, and swimming pools. However, due to its evolving nature, residents may currently need to explore neighboring communities for a more extensive array of cultural and lifestyle activities.

Culinary Scene

Currently, Sharjah Waterfront City is in the stages of development, and as such, it does not offer a diverse culinary scene within its borders. Residents seeking dining options will find that, within a 15-minute drive, they can explore a variety of restaurants in neighboring communities.

  1. Al Mubarak Restaurant. Known for its traditional flavors and inviting ambiance, Al Mubarak Restaurant offers a diverse menu showcasing authentic local cuisine.

  2. Al Qissa Restaurant. A popular choice for those seeking a blend of Arabian and international dishes, Al Qissa Restaurant provides a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends.

  3. Sikkat Beirut Restaurant. Specializing in Lebanese cuisine, Sikkat Beirut Restaurant offers a taste of the Middle East with its array of flavorful dishes in a vibrant setting.

  4. New Cordoba Restaurant. Renowned for its diverse menu, New Cordoba Restaurant caters to various culinary preferences, providing a relaxed dining experience.

Shopping Experience

Approximately a 16-minute drive from Sharjah Waterfront City, the Mall of UAQ stands as a prominent shopping destination. This modern mall caters to diverse shopping preferences, offering a range of retail outlets, international and local brands, and dining options.


Among the notable hotels in the vicinity, the Royal Residence Resort is poised to provide a distinctive stay experience. This resort is designed to offer comfort and luxury, contributing to the overall appeal of Sharjah Waterfront City as a potential destination for travelers seeking accommodation close to the northeastern coast.

Getting Around

  1. Public Transportation. While the public transportation infrastructure within Sharjah Waterfront City is limited due to the ongoing development, residents can access bus services from Al Musalla Station, which is approximately a 25-minute drive away. It's advisable for residents to own private vehicles to move around town easily until the public transportation network is further established.

  2. Proximity to Key Roads. The strategic location of Sharjah Waterfront City ensures convenient access to major roadways, including Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. This connectivity facilitates smooth travel to neighboring emirates such as Umm Al Quwain and Ajman, enhancing the accessibility of the community.

As the development progresses, additional transportation infrastructure is likely to be implemented, further improving accessibility within Sharjah Waterfront City.

Special Events

Given that Sharjah Waterfront City is still in the early stages of development, the community may not host specific events within its confines. However, residents can explore and participate in various events in nearby areas and cities.

  1. Sharjah Light Festival. Taking place annually in different parts of Sharjah, this festival transforms the city with stunning light displays, projections, and artistic installations.

  2. Cultural Festivals in Sharjah. Sharjah is known for hosting numerous cultural festivals throughout the year, celebrating art, literature, and heritage. Residents can partake in events like the Sharjah International Book Fair and Sharjah Heritage Days.

  3. Quest for Adventure. Located nearby, Quest for Adventure is an outdoor adventure park offering activities such as rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking—an ideal destination for thrill-seekers.

  4. Sporting Events. The proximity to sports facilities like the football stadium in Al Salamah and the Unicon UAQ Cricket Ground provides opportunities for residents to engage in or spectate various sports events.

Practical Information

Safety Considerations and Emergency Contacts

  1. Police Emergency. In case of emergencies or criminal incidents, residents can contact the local police by dialing 999.

  2. Medical Emergencies. For medical emergencies, residents can call for an ambulance by dialing 998. Identify the nearest medical facilities, such as Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital, for prompt medical assistance.

  3. Fire Emergency. If a fire emergency arises, residents should contact the civil defense by dialing 997.


In conclusion, Sharjah Waterfront City stands as a promising and evolving mixed-use development, featuring a collection of beautifully designed islands with high-tech villas and apartments. With a commitment to providing a unique and luxurious living experience, the community offers a range of amenities, including a theme park, diverse residential options, and world-class facilities. As the development progresses, it is poised to become a notable destination in the vibrant emirate of Sharjah, combining modern living with thoughtful urban planning and environmental considerations for pollution free environment.


  • 1.

    Is Sharjah Waterfront City good to live in?

    The suitability of Sharjah Waterfront City as a place to live depends on individual preferences and priorities. The development offers a mix of high-tech villas and luxury apartments, providing residents with various options for accommodation. The inclusion of amenities such as a theme park, central business district, and world-class facilities contributes to the community's appeal.
    However, as with any evolving development, residents should consider the ongoing construction activities and the fact that certain amenities may still be in the planning or early stages. Proximity to key areas, access to transportation, and the pace of community development are factors that individuals should weigh based on their personal preferences and lifestyle requirements.

  • 2.

    What types of residences are available in Sharjah Waterfront City?

    Sun Island Smart Villas. These villas are equipped with high-tech features, offering a luxurious living experience. Sun Island Smart Villas include 4, 5, 6 & 7-bedroom units designed with a combination of stunning architecture and smart technologies.

    Blue Bay Walk-Luxury Apartments. Blue Bay Walk comprises six residential and commercial towers, featuring luxury studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. The development is creatively configured with parking spaces and serviced areas, providing a range of living options within the community.

  • 3.

    Who is the owner of Ajmal Makan?

    Ajmal Makan, a prominent real estate developer in the UAE, has its headquarters situated in Sharjah. Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahid Al-Shakra, the founder of the company, serves as the Chairman of the Management Board.

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