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SRG Holding, a leading family-owned holding based in the United Arab Emirates, is prominently represented by its subsidiary, SRG Properties. This dynamic entity specializes in the development and operation of a prestigious portfolio of real estate assets within Dubai and the broader UAE. With an illustrious history spanning over half a century, SRG Properties has established itself as a key player in the region's real estate sector.

The company's expertise extends across the entire property supply chain, showcasing proficiency in crucial areas such as land acquisition, project development, leasing services, and facility management. SRG Properties excels in adding substantial value at every stage, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for its clients, tenants, and customers.


With a rich history spanning 45 years, SRG Holding has emerged as a distinguished player in the real estate landscape of Dubai and the UAE. The journey of SRG Properties, a subsidiary of SRG Holding, is steeped in local expertise and guided by world-class practices, contributing to the company's stellar reputation in the industry.

SRG Properties has crafted a legacy of excellence by providing integrated operations that maximize return on investment and enhance the value of its buildings throughout their lifecycle. This commitment to excellence is particularly evident in the outstanding service delivered across all aspects of property operations, a crucial aspect underscored by the group's numerous signature luxury developments.

The strategic foresight embedded in SRG Holding's history is evident in its continuous recognition of Dubai's long-term growth potential and the accompanying opportunities. The company actively adds to its already valuable land bank, positioning itself strategically for future projects. Among the most noteworthy upcoming ventures are developments in key areas such as the Central Business Districts of Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Media City, and the upscale Burj Khalifa district.

Average Prices for Properties

  • 1-Bed Apartment. The 1-bedroom apartments in Burj Al Salam are designed to provide residents with a luxurious living experience. These units feature contemporary design, high-quality finishes, and thoughtful layouts. With an average annual rental price of 95,000 AED, tenants can enjoy the prime location of Burj Al Salam along with the convenience of living in a stylish and well-appointed space.

  • 2-Bed Apartment. The 2-bedroom apartments in Burj Al Salam offer a spacious and upscale living environment. Priced at 135,000 AED per year on average, these residences cater to individuals or families seeking a premium lifestyle. The apartments are characterized by modern amenities, panoramic views, and a central location that enhances the overall living experience.

  • Studio Apartment. Palacio Tower provides an affordable yet comfortable living option with its studio apartments. Priced at an average of 29,000 AED per year, these units are ideal for individuals or young professionals seeking a cozy and convenient living space in a prime location.

  • 1-Bedroom Apartment. The 1-bedroom apartments in Palacio Tower offer a balance of comfort and style. With an average rental price of 36,000 AED per year, tenants can enjoy a more spacious and well-appointed residence. These apartments are designed to meet the diverse needs of residents, providing a modern living experience in a vibrant community

Key Projects

Stay Bridge Suites

Stay Bridge Suites stands proudly as a towering landmark on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This impressive structure reaches a height of 250 meters, commanding attention and contributing to the iconic skyline of the city. The 49-story building is a symbol of modern luxury and sophistication.

This architectural marvel is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of residents and visitors, offering a total of 281 units within its premises. The units span across one-bedroom to three-bedroom apartments, providing a variety of living options to suit different preferences and lifestyles. The inclusion of various apartment sizes ensures that Stay Bridge Suites accommodates both individuals and families, enhancing its appeal as a versatile residential destination.

Marina Heights Tower

Marina Heights Tower, a remarkable development by SRG Holding Limited, stands as the first freehold residential project within the company's diverse portfolio. Nestled along the stunning Dubai Marina waterfront, this iconic tower enjoys a prime location that enhances the allure of its residential offerings.

This architectural gem is characterized by its distinctive design and premium features. Marina Heights Tower is home to a total of 375 residential units, ranging from one to four-bedroom apartments and five-bedroom penthouses. This diverse array of living spaces caters to individuals and families with varying needs and preferences, providing a range of options for residents to choose from.

Palacio Tower

Palacio Tower, a distinctive architectural gem situated in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, stands tall as a fourteen-storey mixed-use building, contributing to the dynamic landscape of this innovative and technology-centric community. The tower, reaching an impressive height of 61 meters, embodies a blend of residential and commercial spaces, catering to the diverse needs of its residents and businesses.

At the core of Palacio Tower's appeal is its prime location within Dubai Silicon Oasis, a hub known for its focus on technology, innovation, and a thriving community atmosphere. This strategic placement not only provides residents with a contemporary and connected living experience but also places businesses in a vibrant environment conducive to growth and collaboration.

Marquise Square Tower

Marquise Square Tower, an impressive creation by SRG Holding, stands as a striking 29-floor structure in the prominent Business Bay area of Dubai. This luxurious residential tower offers a range of meticulously designed apartments, setting new standards for sophistication and elegance in the city.

The interior of Marquise Square Tower is a testament to refined living, featuring a luxurious selection of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. Each residence is meticulously finished to some of the finest standards in the city, reflecting SRG Holding's commitment to providing residents with a living experience characterized by quality and attention to detail.


While SRG Properties may not have amassed a collection of major awards, the significance of their 45-year experience in the real estate industry speaks volumes about the company's enduring success and commitment to excellence.

SRG Properties, as a subsidiary of SRG Holding, has consistently demonstrated expertise, innovation, and resilience over nearly half a century. The longevity of their presence in the real estate sector is, in itself, a noteworthy achievement. Throughout these 45 years, SRG Properties has contributed significantly to the development and transformation of Dubai's landscape, showcasing a deep understanding of market dynamics and evolving trends.


SRG Holding, a family-owned holding with a legacy spanning half a century, has demonstrated resilience and expertise in the dynamic real estate landscape of Dubai. Rooted in its commitment to superior results, the company significantly grew its operations, becoming a key player in property development, management, and extensive operations. The company's current portfolio encompasses residential buildings, hotel apartments, and retail spaces, SRG Holding ensures outstanding service and high-quality construction, maintaining exceptionally managed properties. As a Dubai property expert, SRG Holding continues to navigate the industry, fostering long-term partnerships.


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    What are the subdivisions of SRG Holding?

    SRG Holding operates seamlessly through its integral subdivisions. SRG Properties, at the forefront, specializes in property development and management, encompassing a diverse range from residential buildings to hotel apartments. Working in tandem, SRG Facility Management ensures the ongoing excellence and functionality of these properties, overseeing outstanding service and meticulous maintenance. In the hospitality sector, SRG Hospitality takes charge, managing and developing projects that align with SRG Holding's commitment to quality and innovation.

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    What is the core focus of SRG Holding's business operations?

    SRG Holding is primarily focused on real estate development and management, with extensive operations in property development, ensuring the construction and maintenance of diverse properties ranging from residential buildings to hotel apartments and retail spaces.

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    How does SRG Holding ensure the quality of its real estate projects?

    SRG Holding emphasizes high-quality construction in all its endeavors, ensuring that each project meets superior standards. The company maintains exceptionally managed properties through its subsidiary, SRG Facility Management, guaranteeing outstanding service for its tenants.

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    What types of properties does SRG Holding specialize in?

    SRG Holding specializes in a wide range of properties, including residential buildings, hotel apartments, and retail spaces. The company's diverse portfolio also extends to mixed-use and commercial skyscrapers, reflecting its adaptability in meeting various real estate needs.

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    What are key projects of SRG Holding?

    SRG Holding has undertaken several key projects that showcase its expertise and impact on Dubai's landscape. Notable projects include Marina Heights Tower, the first freehold residential development, Stay Bridge Suites, a hotel apartment tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, and Marquise Square Tower, a 29-floor structure in Business Bay. These projects highlight SRG Holding's versatility, from residential developments to mixed-use commercial skyscrapers, each contributing to the city's dynamic real estate scene.

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