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The Valley by Emaar is an innovative residential development that exemplifies a new generation of urban living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Located in a dynamic metropolis, The Valley is an unusual residential complex that seamlessly combines modernity, sustainability, and respect for nature. This project embodies the essence of what makes Dubai a global center of attraction, and at the same time, it is a quiet location for its residents.

The Valley is not just a residential project, it is a forward-thinking approach to living in the city. The developer has endeavored to create an environment conducive to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, The Valley incorporates lush green spaces, serene parks, and state-of-the-art amenities to enhance the quality of life of its residents. The complex's strategic location in Dubai underscores its importance, providing convenient access to key areas of the city and contributing to Dubai's reputation as a forward-thinking cosmopolitan hub.

In the context of Dubai and the UAE, The Valley complex is significant for several reasons: it reflects the city's ongoing commitment to developing better urban development. In addition, The Valley is in line with Dubai's vision of being a world leader in innovation and luxury living. Property in The Valley is excellent for investment and has the potential to generate attractive returns in a market that continues to grow and develop. 

History of The Valley

The story of The Valley began in November 2019, when Emaar Properties launched this master development, unveiling its plans to create a collection of five distinct communities within The Valley: Nara, Eden, Talia, Orania, and the latest addition, Farm Gardens.

The community's formation wasn't just a mere project launch, it signified a step towards creating a self-sustained place for residents. These communities were thoughtfully designed to offer a diverse range of architectural styles, catering to various tastes and preferences, all while being enveloped by a meticulously planned infrastructure to ensure a comfortable and convenient living environment.

As The Valley took shape, its significance grew within the context of Dubailand and Dubai as a whole. It began to represent a novel approach to community development, where residents could experience a harmonious blend of modern comforts and natural tranquility.

As The Valley took shape, its significance grew within the context of Dubailand and Dubai as a whole. It began to represent a novel approach to community development, where residents could experience a harmonious blend of modern comforts and natural tranquility. Within the community, you'll discover jogging trails, parks, playgrounds, and refreshing splash parks. What's more, a specially designed Kids' Dale awaits, sprawling over 10,000 sq. m., a world of exploration and fun for the young ones.

The first phase, the Eden project is set to be completed in Q4 2023. Emaar is creating and transforming its initial launch into a tangible reality dedicated to providing residents with a unique living experience that encompasses luxury, convenience, and a connection to nature.

Geography and Architecture of The Valley

Geography and Architecture

The physical layout of The Valley showcases meticulous planning and attention to detail. This master development is part of the intriguing trend of off-plan developments in Dubai that have captivated the interest of investors worldwide. Set to become a self-sufficient community, The Valley's design focuses on offering a comprehensive range of amenities, catering to every aspect of residents' daily lives.

A remarkable aspect of The Valley's architecture lies in its unique and distinctive features. Among these features, the focal point is the dedicated upcoming retail center known as The Pavilion. This center will be a short walk away from the residential area and serve as a hub for convenience and leisure. Within The Pavilion, residents will have access to an array of retail stores and other essential facilities, enhancing their living experience.

Furthermore, The Valley's design integrates a 32,000 sq. m. Town Centre. This expansive Town Centre will boast indoor and outdoor retail areas and include a captivating farmers' market and an assortment of dining options. This integration of commercial spaces within the community fosters a sense of convenience and community, allowing residents to find everything they need right within their own neighborhood.

The Valley's located close proximity to the Dubai Outlet Mall, and the community benefits from easy access to both leisure and shopping experiences. The Valley finds its place near the intersection of Jebel Ali – Lehbab Road and Al Ain – Dubai Road, so major thoroughfares are just moments away. The quick connection to Emirates Road within 10 minutes further enhances accessibility, making commuting to other parts of the city a seamless endeavor.

The Valley's geography and architecture converge to create a unique living experience that encapsulates convenience, aesthetics, and connectivity. With its thoughtfully planned physical layout, distinctive architectural elements, and strategic location, The Valley stands as an exemplar of the modern living spaces that Dubai's off-plan developments are renowned for. This community is poised to offer residents and investors a truly remarkable blend of comfort and opportunity within the heart of the city.

Key Attractions

  1. The Pavilion. A central hub of convenience and leisure, The Pavilion will serve as the dedicated retail center within The Valley. With a variety of retail stores and essential facilities, residents can find everything they need just a short walk away from their homes.

  2. Golden Beach. An upcoming attraction that promises to be a haven of relaxation and recreation, Golden Beach will offer residents a serene escape by bringing a touch of coastal charm to the heart of The Valley.

  3. Sports Village. The Sports Village is set to be a vibrant community hub for sports enthusiasts. Equipped with various sports courts, this upcoming attraction will cater to residents' athletic interests, promoting an active and engaging lifestyle.

  4. Kids' Dale. Designed to delight the youngest members of the community, Kids' Dale will be a haven of fun and adventure. This upcoming attraction is tailored to provide a safe and engaging space for children to play, learn, and make new friends.

  5. DAMAC Hills 2 Golf Courses. Nearby to The Valley, DAMAC Hills offers two exceptional golf courses. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy world-class facilities and stunning landscapes as they tee off amidst the lush surroundings.

  6. Tiger Woods Dubai. A prestigious golf course designed by the legendary Tiger Woods, this attraction provides golfers with a unique opportunity to play on a course crafted by one of the sport's greatest players. Its proximity adds to the allure of The Valley's surroundings.

Tips for visiting The Valley and Dubai include:

  • Best Time to Visit. As The Valley is still under construction, stay updated on official announcements for opening dates of upcoming attractions. For golf courses, visiting during milder weather conditions, like autumn and winter, would enhance the experience.

  • Stay Updated. Regularly check for news, updates, and opening schedules of attractions in The Valley. Additionally, if planning to visit nearby golf courses, inquire about tee times and availability in advance.

  • Accessibility. Leverage the strategic location of The Valley to explore nearby attractions. Consider transportation options and routes to optimize accessibility.

Culture and Lifestyle of The Valley

Culture and Lifestyle

The culture and lifestyle within The Valley reflect a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, creating a unique tapestry of community living. As a self-sufficient residential project, The Valley fosters an environment where residents can enjoy contemporary comforts while also cherishing the values of community and togetherness.

In line with the broader cultural landscape of Dubai and the UAE, The Valley encourages a spirit of inclusivity and respect for diversity. While The Valley is still evolving, residents can expect a community that respects local customs and practices while embracing the multicultural makeup of its residents. This blend of traditions and contemporary living creates a nurturing environment for families to thrive and individuals to pursue their passions.

The lifestyle in The Valley is designed to cater to various preferences. Residents will have the possibility to engage in outdoor activities such as leisurely strolls through the scenic surroundings, spending quality time in community spaces, and taking advantage of the recreational facilities. The presence of diverse amenities, educational options, and upcoming attractions like Golden Beach and Kids' Dale will make for an amazing lifestyle in The Valley.

Culinary Scene

Local cuisine at The Valley will be a reflection of Dubai's diverse gastronomic landscape. Dubai is characterized by a rich selection of both traditional and international cuisines. While The Valli neighborhood is under construction, residents and visitors have the opportunity to explore nearby restaurants:

  • Urban Bar Deli. A place known for its relaxed ambiance and flavorful dishes, Urban Bar Deli offers a menu that caters to various tastes. From comforting classics to innovative creations, this establishment provides a taste of the dynamic culinary scene of Dubai.

  • Dough Me Nation. Renowned for its delectable range of sweet and savory treats, Dough Me Nation is a destination for those seeking artisanal baked goods and creative pastries. Its commitment to quality and creativity makes it a popular choice among locals.

  • Barns Broast, Grill & Shawarma. This establishment presents a blend of traditional Middle Eastern flavors and contemporary twists. From succulent grills to satisfying shawarmas, visitors can explore a range of flavors that reflect the region's culinary heritage.

  • Chuck E. Cheese's. A family-friendly establishment that combines entertainment and dining, Chuck E. Cheese's offers a space for both kids and adults to enjoy. With a variety of dishes and interactive games, it's a favorite among families.

Shopping Experience in The Valley

Shopping Experience

While The Valley itself does not currently feature souks or malls, it is poised to offer a diverse shopping experience through its upcoming retail centers. These centers, namely The Pavilion and Town Center, will cater to residents' retail needs, ensuring convenience and access to a variety of products and services. In addition to these upcoming centers within The Valley, nearby shopping destinations provide residents with further options for retail therapy.

  1. The Pavilion. The dedicated retail center within The Valley, The Pavilion, will be designed to offer a range of retail stores and essential facilities, enhancing the convenience of daily shopping.

  2. Town Center. Spanning 32,000 sq.m., the Town Center within The Valley will provide both indoor and outdoor retail areas, a farmers' market, and various dining options, creating a dynamic shopping and leisure environment.

  3. Dubai Outlet Mall. Located nearby, Dubai Outlet Mall is a favorite destination for bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts. It offers a wide array of discounted brand-name products across various categories.

  4. Villanova Community Mall. Another nearby shopping option, Villanova Community Mall, provides residents with a mix of retail outlets, eateries, and leisure options, contributing to a comprehensive shopping experience.

Although haggling is not a common practice in modern shopping centers, these tips can help you make successful purchases:

  1. Research and Compare. Before making a purchase, explore different stores and centers to compare prices and offerings. This can help you make informed decisions and find the best deals.

  2. Ask for Deals. While retail centers might have fixed prices, don't hesitate to ask about any ongoing promotions or discounts. Sometimes, special offers are available, especially during certain times of the year.

  3. Polite Inquiry. If you're exploring local markets or smaller shops, a polite inquiry about discounts or bundle deals can sometimes yield positive results. Be respectful in your approach.

  4. Know the Market. If you're visiting traditional markets or souks, it's useful to have an idea of the general price range for the items you're interested in. This knowledge can help you negotiate effectively.

  5. Enjoy the Experience. Shopping can be a delightful cultural experience. Engage with shopkeepers, ask about products, and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Accommodation Options

Emaar The Valley Dubai will offer a diverse range of accommodation options, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. With a focus on providing valuable investment opportunities, the properties for sale within The Valley are poised to offer attractive returns on investment. Prospective residents and investors can choose from a selection of well-designed 3-bed and 5-bed villas and townhouses, boasting total covered areas ranging from 1,988 sq. ft. to 2,311 sq. ft.

Suggestions for different budgets and preferences:

  1. Eden. The first sub-community within The Valley, Eden, is set to be completed by the end of 2023. It offers a range of 3-bed to 4-bed villas and townhouses for sale. These properties are grouped into three clusters, each showcasing distinct architectural styles – Spruce, May Bell, and Iris. The villas in Eden provide minimalistic living spaces coupled with ample outdoor areas and parking spaces. With direct access to community parks and playgrounds, Eden offers a harmonious blend of comfort and outdoor living.

  2. Nara. The Nara sub-community presents a series of 3 to 5-bedroom townhomes, each designed in three distinct architectural styles – Aston, Palma, and Charm. These townhomes offer a variety of layouts to cater to different family sizes and preferences.

  3. Talia. Talia introduces 3-bed and 4-bed townhouses, characterized by three architectural designs – Pharo, Cyrus, and Elio. This diversity allows residents to choose homes that resonate with their personal style and needs.

  4. Orania. Providing a choice of two different styles – Bold and Sleek, Orania comprises 3 and 4-bedroom houses. Residents can select a style that aligns with their aesthetic preferences.

  5. Elora. Elora provides 3-bed and 4-bedroom houses with two architectural styles – Moon and Mysk. These homes offer a blend of comfort and contemporary design.

  6. The Farm Gardens. This sub-community features 4-bed and 5-bedroom villas designed in two architectural styles – Horizon and Earth. These spacious villas offer a serene escape within The Valley.

  7. Rivana. Rivana provides 3 to 5-bed twin villas starting from AED 2.8M. With two architectural themes – Kai and Clara, this cluster presents a blend of affordability and elegance.

Getting Around

The Valley benefits from Dubai's well-developed transportation infrastructure, providing residents with convenient options for getting around. While The Valley itself is still under construction, residents can expect accessibility to improve as the community evolves. As part of a strategically located development, The Valley offers easy access to major thoroughfares, enhancing its connectivity to different parts of the city.

Public transportation options in Dubai include an extensive metro system, buses, and taxis. The nearest metro stations and bus stops to The Valley ensure that residents have multiple choices when it comes to commuting. Additionally, ride-hailing services are readily available, providing a flexible and convenient mode of transportation within the city.

Here are some tips for navigating The Valley area and Dubai:

  1. Plan Ahead. Familiarize yourself with the nearest metro stations, bus stops, and routes to ensure efficient travel. Utilize online maps and transportation apps to plan your journeys and estimate travel times.

  2. Bus Routes. Dubai's extensive bus network covers many areas, providing an economical mode of transportation. Research bus routes that connect to The Valley and nearby destinations.

  3. Ride-Hailing Services. Apps like Uber and Careem offer on-demand transportation, allowing you to travel comfortably and conveniently within the city.

  4. Traffic Considerations. While Dubai's road infrastructure is well-maintained, traffic can vary. Plan your journeys during off-peak hours to avoid congestion.

  5. Cycling and Walking. As The Valley develops further, consider cycling or walking within the community for short distances. Many modern developments in Dubai promote pedestrian-friendly environments.

  6. Community Communication. Stay informed about updates on transportation services and road developments within The Valley through community communication channels.

  7. Shared Mobility. Keep an eye out for emerging shared mobility services like e-scooters or bike-sharing programs, which might provide additional options for getting around.

Special Events

Dubai is renowned for its vibrant calendar of events, festivals, and celebrations that draw people from around the world. While The Valley itself might not have specific events at the moment, residents can immerse themselves in the dynamic cultural tapestry of Dubai. The city hosts a wide range of events that showcase its diverse heritage, entertainment offerings, and international appeal.

Dubai's event calendar is marked by a variety of festivities throughout the year:

  1. Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Held usually in January and February, DSF is a shopper's paradise featuring incredible deals, entertainment, and cultural events.

  2. Dubai Food Festival (DFF). Taking place around February and March, this event celebrates the city's culinary diversity with food-related activities, tastings, and gourmet experiences.

  3. Art Dubai. This premier art fair usually occurs in March, bringing together international and local artists, galleries, and art enthusiasts.

  4. Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS). Running from July to August, DSS offers summer discounts, entertainment, and family-friendly activities.

  5. Eid Celebrations. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are significant Islamic holidays celebrated with prayers, feasts, and cultural events. The timing varies based on the Islamic lunar calendar.

  6. Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). In the past, this film festival took place in December, showcasing international and regional cinema.

  7. New Year's Eve. Dubai's extravagant New Year's Eve celebrations, including the iconic fireworks at Burj Khalifa, attract visitors from all over the world.

Practical Information

When visiting or residing in Dubai, it's helpful to be aware of various practical aspects that contribute to a seamless experience:

  1. Local Currency. The currency used in Dubai is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). It's advisable to carry some local currency for small purchases and transactions.

  2. Language. Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but English is widely spoken and understood, especially in commercial and tourist areas.

  3. Time Zone. Dubai operates on Gulf Standard Time (GST), which is UTC+4. Be sure to adjust your watches and devices accordingly.

  4. Weather. Dubai has a desert climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Summers (April to October) can be extremely hot, so lightweight clothing and hydration are essential. Winters (November to March) are more pleasant, with cooler temperatures.

  5. Attire. While Dubai is modern and cosmopolitan, it's respectful to dress modestly in public areas. Swimwear is appropriate at beaches and pools, but cover up when leaving these areas.

  6. Cultural Etiquette. Dubai follows Islamic customs and traditions. It's important to respect local customs, including refraining from public displays of affection, dressing conservatively in religious areas, and during the holy month of Ramadan, and avoiding eating, drinking, or smoking in public during daylight hours.

Dubai is generally considered safe for residents and tourists alike, with a low crime rate. However, it's wise to follow standard safety precautions:

  1. Emergency Services. In case of emergencies, dial 999 for police, fire, and medical assistance. Emergency operators commonly speak English.

  2. Personal Belongings. Keep an eye on your belongings in crowded areas and public transportation. Be cautious with valuable items and use hotel safes for essential documents.

  3. Healthcare. Dubai has modern healthcare facilities. Travel insurance is recommended to cover medical expenses. Pharmacies (called "pharmacies") are common and can offer over-the-counter medications.

  4. Driving and Transportation. If you plan to drive in Dubai, be aware of local traffic rules and regulations.

  5. Local Laws. Dubai has strict laws regarding public behavior, alcohol consumption, and drug use. Familiarize yourself with local laws to ensure a trouble-free visit.

  6. Heat Safety. Take precautions against heat-related illnesses during hot months by staying hydrated, wearing sun protection, and avoiding excessive sun exposure.


The Valley development by Emaar will be a great location to live in and a perfect investment option. The Valley is meticulously designed with innovative design, different architectural styles, excellent infrastructure and parks.

One of the key aspects of The Valley is the large amount of nature. Due to its location near major transportation highways, the area will be easily accessible. The variety of housing options from stylish townhouses to luxury villas in The Valley caters to a variety of preferences and attracts a wide range of residents and investors. 

The Valley is favorable and attractive for investment due to its strategic location, promising returns and the reputation of Emaar Properties. As Dubai's real estate market is steadily growing, The Valley provides an opportunity to invest in a well-planned community that meets the demands of modern living. For both living and investment, Emaar's The Valley development is the epitome of the future of stable and luxurious living in Dubai, presenting an ideal environment for families, professionals and those seeking a comfortable lifestyle.



  • 1.

    When was the Valley by Emaar launched?

    The Valley by Emaar was launched in November 2019 as a master development offering residential solutions in a self-sustained community.

  • 2.

    When will Valley by Emaar be finished?

    The first phase of The Valley, known as Eden, is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. However, the entire development consists of multiple phases and communities, each with its own timeline for completion. It's recommended to refer to official sources or contact Emaar Properties directly for the most up-to-date information on the completion dates of specific phases and communities within The Valley. The estimated completion date for the last project within The Valley, Rivana, is in Q1 2027.

  • 3.

    What makes The Valley an attractive investment opportunity?

    The Valley presents a promising investment opportunity due to its strategic location, diverse housing options, and the reputable track record of Emaar Properties. With its proximity to major roads, healthcare services, and a well-connected environment, The Valley is poised to offer both a luxurious lifestyle and the potential for returns on investment.

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