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TownX Development stands out as a prominent real estate development company in Dubai, UAE, specializing in crafting exceptional residential and commercial projects. Based in the vibrant city of Dubai, TownX Development is dedicated to providing unparalleled real estate solutions.

The portfolio of TownX Development spans across both commercial and residential sectors, showcasing their versatility in the real estate domain. With a focus on residential properties, they have successfully completed numerous projects, earning them a significant position among Dubai's leading real estate developers.


Founded in 2017, TownX Development emerged with a vision that has since transformed into a compelling narrative of unwavering commitment, precision, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. In a relatively short span of time, TownX has etched its name in the annals of Dubai's real estate development with significant milestones.

The journey of TownX is marked by a series of achievements, and their commitment to shaping modern living spaces is evident in the successful completion and delivery of four distinguished projects. Cumulatively spanning over 600,000 square feet, these projects stand as a testament to TownX's dedication to enhancing the quality of life in Dubai.

The completion of these projects is more than just a construction feat; it symbolizes TownX's promise to deliver value to the real estate market. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and a focus on quality, TownX has not only realized its initial vision but has also set a standard for excellence in the competitive landscape of real estate development in Dubai.

Average Prices for Properties

  1. Luma 21 in JVC Studios. Prices for studios at Luma 21 in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) range from AED 660,000 to AED 695,000.

  2. Luma 21 in JVC 1-Bed Apartments. For those seeking a one-bedroom apartment in Luma 21, the average price is AED 1,200,000.

  3. East 40 in Al-Furjan Apartments. Apartments in East 40, located in Al-Furjan, start from an affordable AED 566,000.

Key Projects

Luma Park Views

Luma Park Views is an impressive residential complex that encompasses a ground floor, four podium levels, twenty floors, and a rooftop. The building is meticulously designed with the highest quality finishings, reflecting TownX Development's unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding properties.

Residents of Luma Park Views are treated to a lifestyle of luxury with access to a range of exceptional facilities. Among the highlights are two spacious swimming pools, each measuring an impressive 20 meters by 5 meters. These pools provide residents with a refreshing and leisurely way to unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the pools, Luma Park Views offers two modern gyms, equipped with state-of-the-art fitness amenities. This ensures that residents have access to top-notch facilities for their health and well-being, further enhancing the overall living experience within the development.

Luma 22

Centrally located in one of Dubai's most up-and-coming areas, Luma 22 stands as an unparalleled building development brought to life by TownX Development. This residential masterpiece is a testament to TownX's commitment to providing exceptional living spaces in strategic locations.

Luma 22 is strategically situated in the heart of one of Dubai's most vibrant and emerging areas. The central location ensures residents have easy access to key amenities, entertainment, and business hubs, contributing to a convenient and well-connected lifestyle.

Luma 22 isn't just about convenience; it's a celebration of beauty and modern living. The architectural design and aesthetic elements of the building contribute to a visually stunning environment, making it not just a residence but a work of art in Dubai's evolving skyline.

Luma 21

In the vibrant landscape of its neighborhood, Luma 21 stands out as an exceptional apartment building, outperforming every other in the vicinity. This distinction is a testament to TownX Development's dedication to creating residences that redefine the standards of luxury and living experience.

The name "Luma" holds profound significance, symbolizing sunset, home, and light. These elements serve as the inspiration behind the development, transforming Luma 21 into a unique residential haven for a community of successful, first-rate individuals – a place where lifestyle and luxury converge.

Easy 19

In the heart of International City Phase 2, TownX Development proudly presents Easy 19, a project that transcends the conventional notion of residential spaces. With a commitment to setting a new standard of living in Dubai, Easy 19 stands as a testament to TownX's dedication to elevating the overall living experience.

Easy 19 is not just a construction project; it's a philosophy that challenges the status quo and aims to redefine living standards in Dubai. Positioned strategically in International City Phase 2, this development is a beacon of innovation and thoughtful design.


In its relatively short existence, TownX Development has become a rising force in the real estate industry, marked by noteworthy achievements and a commitment to excellence. While the company is still in its youth and may not have secured major awards, its dedication to delivering on promises is an important aspect of its journey.

TownX takes pride in the successful completion and delivery of four distinguished projects, collectively spanning over 600,000 square feet. These projects stand as tangible evidence of the company's focus on improving modern living spaces and delivering substantial value to the market.

A significant aspect of TownX's success lies in its commitment to quality assurance. The company consistently delivers projects with the promised level of quality, often surpassing the expectations of its clients. Furthermore, all of TownX's projects have been handed over ahead of the official deadlines, a noteworthy feat that reflects the company's dedication to punctuality and precision.


TownX Development emerges as a dynamic and promising player in the real estate sector. Despite its youth, the company has achieved notable milestones by successfully delivering distinguished projects that span significant square footage. TownX's commitment to enhancing modern living spaces and delivering value to the market is evident in its track record. While the company may not have garnered major awards, its dedication to quality assurance, timely project delivery, and exceeding client expectations positions TownX as a resilient and forward-thinking contributor to the evolving landscape of real estate development in Dubai. The company's journey reflects a commitment to excellence, punctuality, and precision, suggesting a promising trajectory for future growth and success.


  • 1.

    Where is the head office of TownX?

    The head office of TownX Development is located at 1703 office, Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This central and prominent location reflects the company's presence in the heart of Dubai, a strategic hub for real estate development in the region.

  • 2.

    What are the upcoming projects of TownX?

    TownX Development is currently gearing up for several exciting upcoming projects. In 2024, the much-anticipated Luma 22 in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is set to make its debut, offering a new residential experience in this vibrant community. Following this, Luma Park Views is expected to be unveiled in 2026, presenting another addition to TownX's portfolio with a unique perspective on modern living. These upcoming projects reflect TownX's ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality developments, contributing to the evolving landscape of real estate in Dubai.

  • 3.

    What types of properties does TownX Development specialize in?

    TownX Development specializes in a diverse range of properties, including villas, luxurious apartments, and smart homes. The company offers options tailored to different lifestyles and preferences.

  • 4.

    Where are TownX Development's key project locations?

    TownX focuses on strategically located projects in prominent areas such as Jumeirah Village Circle, International City Phase 2, and other up-and-coming neighborhoods in Dubai.

  • 5.

    Does TownX offer affordable housing without compromising on quality?

    TownX is committed to providing affordable homes without sacrificing quality. The company believes that everyone deserves a home that meets their budget while maintaining high-quality standards.

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