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The Triplanet Range Group stands as a prominent figure in the realm of real estate development, commanding a strong global reputation within the UAE. Renowned for its exceptional track record, the group has consistently demonstrated on-time delivery of projects, earning accolades for its commitment to excellence. Notably, one of its completed projects is the Elite 1 – 10 Sports Residences, a collection of ten properties situated in Dubai Sports City. This development exemplifies the group's dedication to quality and timely delivery, contributing to its esteemed standing in the real estate sector.


The Triplanet Range Group has etched its name as a renowned real estate firm in the UAE, having a stellar global reputation. The company's reach extends beyond borders, with diverse investments both foreign and domestic, including notable ventures such as hotels in the U.S. The developers at Triplanet exhibit a broad portfolio, actively pursuing significant residential and industrial projects, notably in Pakistan. With a wealth of international expertise in textile materials, tourism, and real estate development, the partners and founder partners of Triplanet bring a multifaceted perspective to their ventures.

In 2006, Triplanet marked a significant milestone with the introduction of its prestigious project at Dubai Sports City. This endeavor marked the beginning of a brilliant journey into the flourishing real estate market of the United Arab Emirates. Notably, the Elite Sports Residence collection, comprising Elite 1, Elite 2, Elite 3, Elite 4, Elite 5, and Elite 6 Sports Residences, stands as a testament to Triplanet's commitment to excellence. These residences, situated in Dubai Sports City, have achieved resounding success, reflecting the company's dedication to architectural style, quality, and the optimistic growth of the city.

Building on its successes, Triplanet International FZC Property Development Company has further expanded its footprint with the launch of the new luxury Elite 7 Sports Residence project in Dubai Sports City. This project not only exudes glamour but also operates with a keen focus on satisfying the discerning tastes of a property market known for its architectural finesse and the city's positive growth trajectory. Triplanet's journey unfolds as a tale of global success and a commitment to shaping remarkable living spaces.

Average Prices for Properties

  • Elite Downtown Residence. Apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai are priced at an average of AED 952,941. These residences are ready to move in.

  • Elite Business Bay. For apartments in Business Bay, the average price stands at AED 775,000. Similar to Elite Downtown Residence, these properties are ready to move.

  • Elite 10. Apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City under the Elite 10 category have an average price of AED 540,000. These residences are ready to move in.

  • Elite Sports Residence. The average price for properties in Elite Sports Residence, located in Dubai Sports City, is AED 700,000.

Key Projects

Elite Downtown Residence

One of the key projects of Triplanet Range Group is the Elite Downtown Residence. This newest architectural marvel in Downtown Dubai is designed to offer fantastic value, specifically catering to the necessities of a sophisticated customer's lifestyle.

The Elite Downtown Residence features fully furnished Studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units, with sizes ranging from 500 square feet to more than 3000 square feet. The inclusion of roomy suites and balconies enhances the overall living experience for residents.

Opting for these luxury apartments in Dubai ensures a significant improvement in the quality of life, given the high-quality fit and finish of the residences. Whether you are seeking a residence for personal use or considering long-term leases, Elite Downtown Residence presents itself as a desirable investment option within the Triplanet Range Group's portfolio.

Elite Business Bay

Elite Business Bay, a luxurious residential development by one of Dubai's major real estate developers, Elite, stands proudly on the banks of the Dubai Water Canal. This opulent 24-story residential tower offers a prestigious address and unrivaled views of prominent Dubai landmarks.

Situated in Business Bay, Elite Business Bay apartments provide breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and the spectacular skyline of Downtown Dubai. The location itself is considered one of Dubai's most exclusive, adding to the allure of this elite residential project.

The apartments at Elite Business Bay come in various configurations, including Studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom units, ranging in size from 410 to 2,200 square feet. All residences are meticulously furnished, providing residents with a seamless transition into a luxurious lifestyle. Each home has been professionally designed by a competent team, ensuring that regardless of personal preferences, it perfectly aligns with the desired way of life.

Elite Sports Residence

Elite Sports Residence, a distinguished residential project developed by Triplanet International FZC, stands as a key player in Dubai Sports City, offering exceptional living opportunities. This expansive development comprises 10 residential buildings, collectively hosting an impressive total of 3,606 residential units. The residences cater to a diverse range of preferences, offering spacious studios to generously sized 3-bedroom units.

Strategically located near the Dubai International Stadium, Elite Sports Residence ensures easy accessibility for residents, facilitating convenient travel. The design of the project reflects a commitment to providing a comfortable and well-connected living experience.

The individual towers within the Elite Sports Residence development vary in height, adding to the architectural diversity of the project. Elite Sports Residence 1, 8, and 10 each stand at 10 storeys, providing a distinct living experience. Meanwhile, Elite Sports Residence 2 has 12 storeys, and Elite Sports Residence 4 reaches a height of 14 storeys. Elite Sports Residence 9 is comprised of 15 storeys, Elite Sports Residence 7 stands at 16 storeys, and Elite Sports Residence 3 and 5 soar to 20 storeys. Finally, Elite Sports Residence 6, the tallest among them, features an impressive 21 storeys.


While being a relatively recent entrant into the Dubai real estate market in 2006, Triplanet Range Group has garnered recognition for its commitment to excellence and responsible approach in fulfilling its obligations as a developer and business entity. Although the company may not have a multitude of major awards at this early stage, it has earned commendation for its dedicated efforts towards responsible business practices and client-centric initiatives.

Notably, despite its recent entry into the Dubai market, Triplanet Range Group has successfully built 10 residential buildings in the region, showcasing its capability to deliver on its commitments and contribute to the city's dynamic real estate landscape. As the company continues to uphold its values and commitment to responsible development, it is poised to garner further accolades and establish itself as a significant player in the Dubai real estate sector.


Triplanet Range Group has made a notable mark in the Dubai real estate sector over the past decade, exhibiting an excellent track record in delivering high-quality residential projects. With a commitment to providing the best value for investors and catering to the diverse needs of small families, the group has successfully built 10 residential buildings in picturesque locations across the city. Their modern designed homes, strategically situated near amenities and major roads such as Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, reflect careful consideration of residents' convenience.

The company's passionate commitment to responsible construction and customer satisfaction remains true, earning them accolades for their earned accolade and distinguishing them from other developers. As Triplanet Range Group continues to expand, their investment opportunities, a diverse range of properties, and facilities further solidify their position as a reputable and forward-thinking player in the Dubai real estate market. With a dedicated leadership team steering the company towards sustainable growth, Triplanet Range Group stands as a promising choice for investors and homeowners alike.


  • 1.

    How many Triplanet Range Group projects are in Dubai?

    Triplanet Range Group has successfully completed 10 residential buildings in Dubai, showcasing its commitment to delivering high-quality real estate projects in the city. These developments reflect the company's dedication to excellence and its positive contribution to the Dubai real estate landscape.

  • 2.

    When did Triplanet Range Group enter the Dubai real estate market?

    Triplanet Range Group entered the Dubai real estate market in 2006, marking the beginning of its journey in contributing to the city's dynamic and flourishing real estate sector. Despite being a relatively recent entrant, the company has demonstrated notable success and commitment in delivering quality projects over the past decade.

  • 3.

    What residential projects does Triplanet Range Group currently have in Dubai?

    Triplanet Range Group is actively involved in various residential projects across Dubai. To get specific details about their current offerings, you can contact their sales team for the latest information on ongoing and upcoming developments.

  • 4.

    Does Triplanet Range Group offer investment opportunities for potential investors?

    Triplanet Range Group provides investment opportunities for those looking to invest in the dynamic Dubai real estate market. Investors can explore the company's portfolio to find properties that align with their investment goals. The leadership team at Triplanet Range Group is available to guide potential investors through the available options and assist in making informed decisions.

  • 5.

    What amenities can residents expect in Triplanet Range Group properties?

    Triplanet Range Group prioritizes resident satisfaction by offering properties equipped with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. This may include features like swimming pools, facilities for small families, and access to world-class amenities.

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